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This article is about Akila Theoris. You may be looking for her TV counterpart.

Akila "Kiki" Theoris is a top student at Yasiro Academy. She is best friends with Cleopatra and is a believer in Thoth's prophecies about her.


Akila is a small thin figured, teenage girl from an unknown and now destroyed planet. Her hair color is red and her eyes are green. After book 3 she is left with a metal prosthetic left arm with a wide array of gadgets. including a blaster. Her typical outfit is the Yasiro academy uniform, which consists of a light pink top and a white cheerleader style skirt with hints of gold. The boots look to be white with thick soles.


Akila is very smart and thought through, though she can be hyper at times, she seems to be the only one keeping Cleo from many dangerous scenarios. Akila is an A student and likes to keep it that way, she attends all of her classes and tries to get Cleo to do the same. Whenever a situation arises that requires her to break rules she, unlike Cleo, is very hesitant but if it involves helping or saving Cleo she is all ears. Overall she is a bit bossy but has a truly caring heart. She also adores the school's library and is brokenhearted when it is destroyed.


  • Cleopatra Philopator: Cleo and Akila are best friends, as well as classmates at Yasiro Academy. They share a room at the school. When they first met, Akila was very excited to meet Cleo because she grew up with the prophecies about her. Akila is often wary of Cleo's dangerous plans, but they are still very close friends. On Hykosis, Cleo was responsible for Akila losing her arm. Akila cares deeply about Cleo and even gets her a birthday gift. In book five she risks her own life and safety to protect Cleo.
  • Sina Theoris: Sina Theoris is Akila's mother. She is always on another planet with her husband, their last known location is on Cada'duun with an expedition team from P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.
  • Tuluk Theoris: Tuluk Theroris is Akila's father. He is always on another planet with his wife, their last known location is on Cada'duun with an expedition team from P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.
  • Brian Bell: Brian is the school's local genius and resident science expert. When Cleo is in need of technology, she turns to Brian. Brian is often reluctant to help her because of the chances she will be harmed but gives in easily to her wishes. Brian and Akila usually join her on her missions sooner or later. Since in book 1 it is believed that Akila has a crush on Brian, later she says that Antony is cute however...
  • Khensu: Khensu is Akila's history teacher and since Cleo are friends, Khensu and Akila have become good friends, often meeting up when following or joining Cleo.