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Oh, right, you've never met anyone who's not from Earth. Ok, I'm from Vevoson. Vevosians are similar to humans because of convergent evolution, but we're blue, and you can see my eyes are a bit different, and I have these [gills]!
— Akila explains who she is to Cleo in the episode, "Wednesday"

Akila "Kiki" Cleopatra Theoris[1] is a top student at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. She is best friends with Cleo. She is a pink-eyed fish girl from the planet Vevoson and is the first of Cleopatra's teammates. She loves nature, geeking out, and can become, occasionally, depressed, as is shown in "Paradise Found".


Akila is a small and hourglass-figured, teenage girl whose skin is a few shades of blue. Her pink hair is light pink on top and darker pink underneath. Her typical outfit is the Academy uniform, which consists of a green skirt with grey shoulder guards, blue sleeves, with yellow in-between. She also wears grey pants, a yellow tie in her hair, and blue boots. She also has gills that come out of her head. Additionally, she wears a pink-colored sleeping shirt.


Akila is very smart and has a particular talent for translating unknown, ancient alien languages. She is highly friendly and optimistic with a bright and positive outlook on life, even in the face of grim situations. In stark contrast to Cleo, Akila is a highly academic student and strives to excel in each of her classes.

Akila is extremely empathetic, practically to a fault. In "Akila Says No," it is shown that she was completely unable to refuse any request, no matter how unreasonable, up until Cleo and Brian urged her to learn to say "no." In "Eyeball", she refused to treat Eyeball merely as bit of non-existent code, and instead opted to love him like her very own son. Her relationship with Cleo is also quite familial in nature, as the two embrace constantly, which is most often initiated by Akila. However, she is still quite capable of getting very angry, violent, and argumentative, as shown in "Cleopatra Needs Space," where she and Brian constantly bickered after their failed date. It is also apparent that she strongly values the relationship she shares with her moms, and felt threatened and upset when they were giving Cleo all of their attention in "School Break," which prompted her to act out in a manner quite uncharacteristic of her so that they would notice her.

Despite her optimistic personality, Akila generally has no issue with engaging in violence, and she even keeps a large assortment of weapons hung on the wall in her dorm room. She can be nearly just as tough fearless as Cleo, and in "Paradise Found," it is shown that she greatly enjoys the thrill of action as well. However, she prefers to find a more peaceful method to handle altercations if at all possible. This is evidenced in "Parasites", where she suggested to Cleo that they not attack the Parvites which were nesting on Mihos since they appeared to be civilized. Her weapon of choice is the standard Quaser, but in "Pirates", it is shown that she is capable in hand-to-hand combat as well.




When Cleo and Akila first met, Akila befriended her almost instantly. They share a dorm room at the academy, and despite being a neat and organized person, Akila appears to vaguely tolerate Cleo keeping the room such a mess, though it does annoy her. They have become very close friends, hugging each other very often. Akila has also become a strong source of emotional support for Cleo, and she does whatever she can to cheer her up. She is also shown to take care of Cleo when injured as well, like in "Team Building", when she nursed Cleo's broken foot. On occasion, however, Akila can become annoyed by Cleo's recklessness as well as her aversion to studying. There may be vague romantic feelings between them. Akila called Cleo her "girlfriend" at one point and Cleo kissed Akila, after her last bout of time travel, and then declared "I love you," at the end of the episode "Do-Over."


Brian talking

Brian, along with Akila, are considered top students at the Academy. In contrast with Cleo and Akila's fearlessness, Brian is the more neurotic member of the team, and is easily put off by dangerous missions. Brian has a crush on Akila, which Akila was largely oblivious to up until "Suspicion." Akila also realized that she had feelings for Brian shortly thereafter. Despite their feelings for each other, however, the two have a tendency to get on each others' nerves quite often. Brian is frequently annoyed by Akila's seemingly willful misunderstanding as to what a cyborg is in relation to a robot, as she appears to believe that there is no difference. Their first attempt at a date in "Cleopatra Needs Space" ended in failure due to their nervousness around each other as a dating couple. They eventually resolve that they are better off remaining friends, at least for the time being. Yet it is still clear that they still have feelings for each other. In the episode "Pirates", Brian blushed when Akila kissed each of his cheeks when pretending to be a French character.


Khensu is Akila's history teacher and since Cleo, they have become good friends, often meeting up when following or joining Cleo.


Before his arrival, she calls Zedge the "galaxy's dreamiest dreamboat" which Cleo doesn't understand. She is his biggest fan and he flirts with her and she does as well. He also speaks Vevoson. Her heart is later broken as he just wants to capture Cleo, but she comes around to him again when he is released from his mind control thanks to Brian, who had been skeptical about him for much of the episode ("Suspicion"). In later episodes, she still seems to have a crush on him.


Dancing together

Akila and Cleo dancing together at the arcade in "Ladies Night"

For much of the series, Callie is mean to Akila, as she is to Brian, as they are both friends of Cleo, who she sees as her school rival, insulting her in episodes like Team Building. However, she is friendly with Akila in the episode "Savior". She later comes with Khepra, and Cleo to the arcade in the following episode, "Ladies Night". In that episode, she connects more with Akila, dancing with her as they play a dance competition game together.

Selected Quotes[]

  • "I'm glad you are here, Cleopatra. We're gonna be best friends!"- Excited to become a friend to Cleo in the episode, "Wednesday."
  • "I read that one way to help with big life transitions is by...journaling, you know, like keeping a diary."- About to tell Cleo about the 'Boswell' he created for Cleo in the episode "Surprise."
  • "Oh my gosh, I have to throw you a party! I love throwing parties and you are my best friend and we just met yesterday, so forget I said that. So I have to throw you a giant party!"- Excitedly declares after Cleo reveals it is her birthday in the episode "Surprise."
  • "Get ready for an information explosion! Yosira's grandfather was Pharaoh Yosiro, as the p.y. in P.Y.R.A.M.I.D...Yosira is the only royal who survived the blight safe in a palace."- Gives background in the episode "Akila Says No."
  • "Go, dream team! Yeah, we definitely need a better name."- Tries to come with a name in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Great timing Khensu! In case that wasn't clear, I was being sarcastic."- Talks in the episode "Double," trying to be sarcastic. Khensu responds sarcastically, "Thanks for explaining how sarcasm works, Akila."
  • "Yes and snooping is one of absolute favorite things to do."- Admits she likes to snoop in "Double"
  • "Oh my god, looking at everyone's possible footage is so fun! I'm learning so much secret stuff about everyone!"- Geeks out after looking at everyone's recordings in "Double"
  • "Is it just me or is it crazy that Zaid in the group now? I still don't know why Cleo wanted him on this mission besides his general handsomeness. He is very handsome."- Says Zaid is handsome in "Double"
  • "Brian, you no heart?"- Talks to Brian in "Mihos" (in response to Brian saying that we should leave nature alone, and he responds that he doesn't have a heart, only a lubricant pump).
  • "How do we know this cute thing is trustworthy? We've been tricked by cute things before *cough* Zaid *cough*"- Asks Cleo, in "Mihos", why Mihos should be trusted
  • "So I know we have searched on fourteen planets, but we'll find it on the next one for sure."- Tries to reassure Cleo in "Paradise Found"
  • "UTA Tablet, UTA Tablet, where you at?"- Walking about in "Paradise Found"
  • "Cleo, this is an emergency! I don't have anything to wear for my date with Brian tonight, literally nothing!"- Talks to Cleo in "Cleopatra Needs Space"
  • "We're not friends now, we're dating."- explains to Cleo her relationship status with Brian in "Cleopatra Needs Space"
  • "Do you ever wonder why we have a planetarium when we go to actual space all the time?"- Talks to Brian on their ill-fated date in "Cleopatra Needs Space"
  • "I guess I'm just not ready to date Brian."- Admits at the end of "Cleopatra Needs Space" that dating Brian isn't a good idea at the present.
  • "Sorry you can't go home to Egypt because it doesn't exist anymore...and I'm sorry we can't go to my planet because Octavian conquered it"- Talks to Cleo at the beginning of "School Break", with Cleo saying "ouch" to the first statement
  • "Worst school break ever!"- Declares in "School Break" after Cleo is getting all sorts of attention
  • "Brian and I were on a routine mission mapping out a remote, unexplored corner of the galaxy, its totally unknown, completely uncharted, it doesn't even have a name. It's chief export is mystery."- Says something which doesn't interest Cleo, but fascinates Yosira in "Xerxs Works"



  • Akila, like Cleo, appeared in comics and the TV series was based on.


  1. In the episode "School Break" it is revealed that Akila's full name is "Akila Cleopatra Theoris," with Cleo telling her "well done, Akila Cleopatra Theoris," and she says she didn't tell Cleo because it would have been "weird."