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Antony is an orphaned bounty hunter from Hykosis. He has assisted Cleopatra on her missions several times. Many of his bounties are from Octavian, although he strongly dislikes Octavian.


Antony and Cleo first met in the thief and the sword when Antony tried to steal the sword. Cleo fought him and almost caught the sword when Khensu stopped her. They met again on Hykosis when Cleo asked him to help her get a tablet. During that time Antony and Cleo started to have a rivalry because of how skilled each other was. In the fourth book, ”The Golden Lion” Cleo and Antony work together to try to get the Golden lion. Once while they were in a cave taking shelter Cleo talks about her past which eventually leads up to them having a fight. During the book they show many signs of affection for one another such as Cleo blushing when Antony gave here a thumbs up at a trick she did and Antony saying that she looked great in her outfit and when Cleo was fighting Ophois Antony showed love for her but he did not physically tell her. At the end of the book Cleo finally tells Antony about her feelings for him by kissing him. Antony does not appear in the 5th book except for one scene of him escaping Octavian. In the 6th book when Cleo sees him after such a long time she is overjoyed and runs up to him and hugs him although soon after that she is back to her normal stubborn self. They do show a few more signs of affection to each other during the book such as Antony telling her that he missed her and putting his hand on her shoulder when she was nervous. Also in the end of the book when Antony follows her to Egypt Cleo hugs him again and they show in the future that they will get married.


Akila and Antony have meet twice. On Hykosis Akila went with Cleo and Antony to find the tablet and while with them she thought that Antony was cute. This never hatched into a relationship though but through out the entire book series she still think that he is good looking. On Ferian they meet again but only for a short visit because Antony gets transported into Duat with Cleo and Brian.


  • He might be named after Marc Antony, an ancient Roman politician and general who is known for having an affair with Cleopatra, along with Julius Caesar.:)
  • People think that Zaid in the Cleopatra in space series might be based off of Antony
  • He is the only person that has ever been on the title of the book with nobody else but Cleo (besides Mihos but that does not really count)