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So, you're saying I need extra combat practice? Because you're some awesome and you just come in and take out six Xerxs and show me up front of everyone? I am the best at this school and I will always be the best!
— Callie explaining herself to Cleo in the episode, "Surprise"

Callie is a popular girl at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. in the Cleopatra in Space TV series. She becomes Cleo's academic rival upon her arrival at the academy, although she later softens her opinion toward Cleo later in the series. She prefers her own name or the nickname "The Callie" as shown in "Suspicion".


Callie is pigheaded, arrogant, snobby, and egotistical (wanting people's praise), thinking she is right and others are wrong. She is also insecure and lashes out against others in a bossy and mean-spirited way. She is self-absorbed, as revealed in "Suspicion", she is self-absorbed, recording videos of herself on her boswell. In the same episode, she admits to recording Cleo in an attempt to be more like her because she has the belief that she isn't the best at "everything" anymore, unseating her past role in the school's social hierarchy.


She is taller and likely older than Cleo. She wears a school uniform, which consists of a green skirt, grey pants, black boots, and wears pink lipstick. She also has presumed black eyeshadow, thick black eyelashes, gold-colored sections near her shoulders, wrists, and belt, along with greyish-colored sections on her lower arms and on her shoulders. Additionally, she has very pale magenta hair and mostly desaturated dark pink eyes, although her hair can look a lighter pink depending on the light in a certain location.




Calli and Cleo's duet in the episode "Suspicion"

Throughout the series, she and Cleo have an ongoing rivalry, making them hate each other. Cleo even calls Callie her "archnemesis" in the episode "Clubbing." They call each other names, with Callie giving Cleo nicknames for each other and Cleo going the same Callie's behavior makes Cleo think that she is the spy causing havoc in the Academy[1], leading her to take drastic measures, including invading her personal space. Cleo is under the impression that she has "proof" that Callie is a spy on Octavian and sees being a partner as a perfect excuse to find out the truth. This ends up to be a ruse and she realizes her hunch was incorrect.

After Cleo saves her from a mind-controlled Zedge in the episode "Suspicion", Callie admits she is annoyed because Cleo is doing better than her, which runs against the expectations of her parents, making her "look bad" (weakening her status in the school) and feels jealous. Cleo then says that Callie is "fantastic at almost everything", going further than her previous praise (calling her tall and athletic), they fist-bump, and Cleo describes her as a "partner", although this is likely in the context of the No Science Day. At the end of the episode "Partners", the two sing a duet together with Zedge and his band after admitting they "hate" each other.

In later episodes, Callie by continues to act sassy, putting on a song to be Yosira with her posse, and only interacts with her briefly in "Double." While Cleo is still annoyed by her, she does hug Callie in the arcade after saying she has gone back to "normal," surprising Callie, who is annoyed by this. In "Cyrano" Callie ribs Akila and Cleo, especially when she thinks that Brian (controlled by Cyrano) is cool and no longer their friend.

In the episode "Savior", Callie is shown to be in a club created by Cleo for students to practice their fighting skills. At the end of the episode, she catches and saves Cleo from dying, declaring she is now "the savior." They gently rib each other afterward, and exchange warm glances toward each other. In the following episode, "Ladies Night", she comes with Akila, Khepra, and Cleo to the arcade. She seems to be warmer with Cleo during this episode.


Dancing together

Akila and Cleo dancing together at the arcade in "Ladies Night"

For much of the series, Callie is mean to Akila, as she is to Brian, as they are both friends of Cleo, who she sees as her school rival, insulting her in episodes like Team Building. However, she is friendly with Akila in the episode "Savior". She later comes with Khepra, and Cleo to the arcade in the following episode, "Ladies Night". In that episode, she connects more with Akila, dancing with her as they play a dance competition game together.


Callie taken in by Cryano-Brian

Callie taken in by Brian (when controlled by Cyrano)

In "Cyrano", it is revealed that Callie may have a crush on Brian (when controlled by Cyrano) when he is "cool", calling him "dreamy." She quickly snaps out of this, wondering what is happening to her. This implies that if Brian was "cooler" and less "dorky" then Callie would like him. As such, she may have a crush on Brian. However, apart from this episode, her crush is not hinted at.


Lakshmi is her friend, who she dominates and intimidates, as shown in "Clubbing." In the same episode Lakshmi says that Cleo's delivery of her nickname for Callie, "Capulie", is better than Callie's nickname, leading her to be scolded. She is generally part of Callie's posse. It is shown, in "Cyrano", that she and Callie are rivals, within the posse, of each other, both vying for the attention of Cyrano as Brian.


Callie commanding influence

Callie commanding influence at the Ancient Egypt club, facing off with Cleo.

Callie is manipulative and can command influence, sometimes through intimidation. More than anything, she is about appearances and looking good in front of others. She also may be skilled in history since she is the leader of the Ancient Egypt club at the academy. Her abilities at fighting may be on par with Cleo, as she seems to have some abilities with stealth and creating traps as shown in the episode "Suspicion." Her abilities beyond this are not currently known, other than that she can sing as well as Cleo and handle a blaster relatively well as is clear from the episode "Surprise." Additionally, she effectively uses an axe in the episode "Suspicion" to help Cleo.

Selected quotes[]

  • "Welcome to combat training, new kid. I'm Callie and I'm the everything."- Callie' first words to Cleo in "Surprise"
  • "Wanna hear a hilarious joke I came up with in my brain just now?...what has six legs and totally blew it on their mission today? Cleo and her loser friends."- Callie in "Team Building"
  • "Ew! Gross, Cleopootra. You smell like pudding."- Callie to Cleo in "Do-Over"
  • "Ha! I knew you were spying on me!...Oh please! You've been acting foul all day. And I catch you going through my stuff."- Callie to Cleo in "Suspicion," with Cleo then flinging mud in her face
  • "I'm not a princess! My name is Callie!"- Callie defending her identity to Zedge in "Suspicion"
  • "Why would you save me?"- Callie asks Cleo why she saved her in "Suspicion" and she can't come up with a good reason for doing so, saying she regrets it.
  • "I've been recording you so that I could learn to be more like you...Why? Ever since you got here, I'm not the best at everything anymore...almost isn't enough! My mother is one of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.'s top generals, she inspects the best. She says second place just means first loser."- Callie reveals why she has been recording Cleo in "Suspicion"
  • "Thanks for saving me. I still kinda hate you though."- Callie to Cleo at the end of "Suspicion"
  • "Yo, yo, yo, Yosira is my name and I'm a Pharaoh. My people need me like a bone needs marrow. I dress real
    fine and the calves make it cool. I read a lot of books but I don't go to school! What! Yeah!"- Callie tries out to be Yosira with her posse of friends in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "Way to wreck the cafeteria, Cleopootra."- Callie to Cleo in "Double." After this, Cleo laments that she ruled out Callie as a suspect of being Octavian's spy
  • "What are you doing here, Cleopootra? Did you get lost on your way to dork club?"- Callie to Cleo in "Double." After this, Cleo hugs her, saying she's back to normal, surprising her.
  • "Are we there yet? This bus smells like chundruge and farts."- Talks to Lakshmi in "School Break"

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  1. In the episode "Team Building," Cleo says Callie is the worst, says it must mean she is "the Octavian spy." Khensu denies this, while admitting that Callie is "unpleasant."