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Cleo and Akila's dorm room is located on the planet Mayet within P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. where Cleo and Akila attend school. In the episode "Xerxs Works", Yosira describes it as a "regular peasant's bedroom." Pakin Liptawat, a visual artist for the show nicknamed this "Cleo's Room," and commented that that this room is a mix of two styles: a very clean and organized Akila and a very messy and unorganized Cleo, with the room on the "the outer edge of one of the pyramids which afforded them a spectacular view of Mayet City."[1]


Previously the room of Akila, this room is where Akila and Cleo live after Cleo's arrival in the episode "Wednesday" in the Nile Galaxy. It is thoroughly destroyed in the same episode by an assassin droid trying to kill Cleo and rebuilt afterwards. In the same building academic classes are also held there. Brian and Khensu have previously spent time in the room, but no one else, at this point. In the episode "Do-Over," it is shown that Cleo has made a mess of the room through her slobbish behavior, while in other episodes, like "Team Building" it is shown as very orderly with chimes, a waterfall, a chair to sit on, and two bunk-beds. The latter is consistent throughout the series, with episodes like "Akila Says No," where Cleo redecorates the living area, revealing that the room has an extendable table, and a small closet for clothes, where Akila sleeps because Cleo said she'd like "more space." Cleo later expresses her horror at this, and later episodes show them more equitably sharing the room. The room also has study areas for Akila and Cleo, while it can also be easily accessed from the outside hallway and opens into the broader building (as shown in "Do-Over" and other episodes), since it has an outward facing window. It is also shown, in "Suspicion," that their room may be among other student residential living areas in the same building and has a rooftop terrace which looks down at a courtyard.


Concept art

This art was done by Pakin Liptawat.


  1. In his P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. and Mayet City concept art on Twitterand Instagram, he pointed to an area and described it as "Cleo's room." His other comments come from the description accompanying his Cleo and Akila dormroom concept art on Instagram
  2. On Instagram he posted the same and commented: "After a long wait. Dreamworks released Cleopatra in Space today on its new Peacock Streaming service. Based on Mike Maihack’s graphic novel it tells the story of Cleopatra and her adventures after being sent into the future. Working on this was an amazing experience. Here are a few early shots from Mayet City which I created using photoshop and sketchup."
  3. In his description of this concept art on Instagram, he wrote: "More early concept art for Cleopatra in Space. Here we have Cleo and Akila’s dorm room. Early on we wanted to establish that Akila is very clean and organized. Cleo in the other hand is really messy and unorganized. The idea was that their room was on the outer edge of one of the pyramids which afforded them a spectacular view of Mayet City."