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Cleopatra Philopator is the main protagonist of the Cleopatra in Space series. She comes from Earth but is transported to the future by the Uta Tablet. She is the prophesized savior of the galaxy and destined to die doing so. 


Cleo enjoys action and is quick-witted, often not thinking about potential dangers in doing something. Her recklessness is one of her main faults and causes the most trouble. Still, Cleo is caring and a good friend.


She is a figure of medium height, with purple hair that has horizontal golden streaks. Her eyes are a red violet, as her overall color scheme is purple and gold. The defining trait that she is royalty is her golden crown in the shape of a tiara with an ibis in the center.


Student UniformEdit

Cleo wears a purple-reddish top with a triangle in a circle and dark purple wrinkles and a white skirt.

Causal WearEdit



Akila TheorisEdit

Cleo and Akila are best friends, as well as classmates at Yasiro Academy. They share a room at the school. When they first met, Akila was very excited to meet Cleo because she grew up with the prophecies about her. Akila is often wary of Cleo's dangerous plans, but they are still very close friends. On Hykosis, Cleo was responsible for Akila's loss of her arm. Akila cares deeply about Cleo, and even gets her a birthday gift. 


When Cleo is in need of technology, she turns to her friend Brian. He is often reluctant to help her because of the chances she will be harmed, but gives in easily to her wishes.


Antony is one of Cleo's closest friends as well as her romantic interest. Their interactions usually involve bounty hunting or one of her missions.

When they first met, Antony was stealing the Sword of Kebechet for the bounty on it placed by Octavian. Cleo, who was at the birthday party thrown for her by Akila, tried to stop Antony. She was unsuccessful due to Khensu stopping her. However, they meet again in a tavern on Hykosis, and once again are off to a rough start. 

Antony takes Cleo and Akila to an orphanage where he grew up to meet Bakari. They find Bakari to be dying, and he manages to give them a flight path to the location of the tablet.

They meet again in search of the Golden Sun on Cada'duun. Cleo's ship and equipment stop working so Antony helps her. They find a city of people on the planet who live in the jungle. Their language stems from algebra, which Cleo is unable to understand because she doesn't pay attention in class. Cleo is jealous of how well Antony gets along with the Cada'duunians.

When General Ophios and the Xerx attack the city, she and Antony fight back. Cleo defeats Ophios but P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. takes care of the Xerx. Antony has to leave once P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. officials arrive, but before he leaves, Cleo kisses him.


Cleo finds Khensu boring, as he reminds her of her old math teacher on Earth. Khensu tries to explain to Cleopatra that high standards are being set for her and that she needs to be more careful, but she usually takes his advice with a grain of salt. More recently, however, the two are on better terms.


Cleo is a skilled fighter.
Cleo with her staff

Cleo with her staff