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I am Cleopatra, princess of Egypt, daughter of King Ptolemy the Twelfth. And if you don't take me home now, he's gonna barf beetles on you!
— Cleopatra explaining herself to Khensu in the episode, "Wednesday"

Princess Cleopatra "Cleo" Philopator VII is the main protagonist of the Cleopatra in Space TV series and daughter of King Ptolemy. She comes from 1st century B.C.'s Ancient Egypt but is transported to the future to the planet of Mayet, sitting in the Nile Galaxy, by the UTA Tablet. She is the prophesized savior of the Nile Galaxy and to defeat the evil space tyrant Octavian. The show's main title is effectively her music theme. As of the episode "Mihos", she has a pet ferret that lives with her at the academy who she named Mihos.


Cleo is fearless, quick-witted, and a natural leader. She is extremely skilled, especially in combat, and as such, she displays a high degree of arrogance and overconfidence. This overconfidence often causes her to act recklessly, which is one of her main faults that causes the most trouble, for both her and everyone around her. Nevertheless, she is caring, has a good heart, is a good friend, wants peace, and desires to fulfill her role as the galaxy's savior and defeat Octavian. She can be very stubborn and prefers to have her way at all times (most likely owing to her status as a princess back in Ancient Egypt). She is fairly lazy and keeps her room a mess with dirty laundry and uneaten food strewn about everywhere. She also has no patience whatsoever for studying, and even refuses to read briefing documents before going on missions. Her stubbornness and refusal to listen usually draws the ire of Khensu, who generally hopes for her to be a more responsible leader.

Cleo can also be a showoff, and she is never shy about displaying her skills for others to see. Despite how sure of herself she can be on the surface, however, she is still prone to self-doubt, especially when things go wrong. Her savior role usually leads to her experiencing a great deal of uncomfortable pressure. Yet she is also quite unphased by danger and even the prospect of death. It is therefore not uncommon for her to dive headfirst into dangerous or deadly situations without a plan, or engage in combat against overwhelming odds. She generally seems to prefer melee combat to ranged combat, and as such, the plasma staff is her weapon of choice. She is shown to have a particular affinity for things that are cute, such as cats, as well as her pet, Mihos and enjoys cuddling with them and addressing them with baby talk.

She can get angry when her skills are being "wasted" and at times appeal to the fact that she has a royal bloodline. The latter which is likely the reason that Yosira chooses her to stand-in as the Pharaoh at a peace summit where they are planning to kidnap her, with Cleo glad to be all "princessed up, again." Love of others can blind her, however, as Zaid manipulates her in the episode "Double," angering her greatly.


Early Life and Arrival at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.[]

As the Princess of Egypt, Cleo led a very privileged life, though she longs for adventure and is discouraged by the idea that her life has been planned out for her. On the day before her 15th birthday, she expresses this to her childhood friend Gozi while they were out playing with slingshots. While shooting, Cleo inadvertently destroys the burial ground, and a door to unnamed tomb is opened. Inside, Cleo discovers the ATA Tablet, while Gozi looked at a set of weapons. While reading the ATA tablet, a portal suddenly opened and sent Cleo 30,000 into the future, where she soon met Akila, Brian, and Khensu, who save her from Xerxes. After Cleo reveals herself to them, they discover that she is the prophesied "savior of the galaxy", and Khensu explains to Cleo that she has traveled far into the future which is now under threat by the power-hungry emperor, Octavian, whom she is destined to defeat. After learning that there is no way to send her back to her own time, Cleo is enrolled in the galactic Pharaoh Yasiro's Research Academy and Military Initiative of Defense, otherwise known as P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. or the Academy, in hopes of receiving the necessary training so she can fulfill her role.


She is a slender girl of medium height, with very dark grayish violet (and warm) hair that has horizontal golden streaks or highlights and olive tan skin.[2] Her eyes are olive green as her overall color scheme is purple and gold. The defining trait that she is royalty is her golden crown in the shape of a tiara with an ibis in the center. When using a hoverboard, she wears a helmet with a clear visor. She is also concerned by her looks, embarrassed by wearing her sleeping clothes outside her room in "Do-Over" and her messy hair in "Suspicion." She has medium brown skin.



Cleo's original nightgown as shown in "Wednesday"

Cleo's egyptian nightgown appears to be a simple white color with a golden yellow trim at the bottom. So far it has only been shown for approximately 40 seconds near the start of the first episode - "Wednesday"


Cleo's preferred dress gown as shown in "Wednesday"

Cleo's egyptian dress gown is a complex dress made with teal, cyan, golden yellow, white and semi-transparent sky blue materials. It is also shown coupled with bracelets, sandals and a necklace made out of gold, red gemstones, and some green-colored material. As with the nightgown, it has only been shown in action briefly in "Wednesday", although it is also shown during the intro sequence in every episode.


Cleo's egyptian casual dress as shown in "Wednesday"

Throughout the majority of "Wednesday", every episode's intro, and during a dream in "Clubbing", Cleo wears a white dress with a red sash as well as a gold necklace and bracelet on the right arm.

work in progress

work in progress (we'll ignore the minor variations in 'Humility')


Cleo's PYRAMID standard pajamas as shown in "Mess"

Throughout several episodes Cleo is shown wearing her PYRAMID-standard pajamas consisting of a night shirt and pants of various shades of teal and sky blue, with a PYRAMID logo in the chest area.


Cleo wearing her hospital gown at the beginning of "Mihos"

Cleo's hospital gown consists of a sky blue main body with dark green shoulders/arms. It is uncertain whether multiple variations of this same design exist as with the uniforms and thermal suits, however in both "Quarantine" and "Mihos" Cleo is shown wearing this same design.


Cleo's western-style outfit on Hykosis during the battle with the Osirans in "Rescue"

For most of "Rescue", Cleo wears this bright magenta/cyan western-style outfit that features a firearm holster, a star-shaped badge over the left chest area, red boots and a disproportionately large pink hat with white fluff decorations. So far it has only been shown in that one episode.


Cleo wearing Yosira's royal dress in "My Pharaoh Lady"


Cleo wearing only the underlayer during her preparatory meeting with Yosira later in "My Pharaoh Lady"

During approximately half of "My Pharaoh Lady", Cleo wears Yosira's royal dress while in disguise as her. The dress itself is a floor-length complex arrangement of various shades of golden, blue, and red cloths with prominent shoulder pads, an underlayer consisting of a beige/white tunic and very dark blue leggings, and golden bracelets. This is paired with the royal staff - a gold-plated likely metal staff encrusted with blue and red jewels that is approximately Cleo's height, and the royal crown which consists of a marine blue main body with various golden/gold-colored decorations.


Akila "Kiki" Cleopatra Theoris[]


Cleo and Akila's embrace in the episode, "Do-Over"

Cleo and Akila are best friends, as Akila immediately befriended her upon her arrival in the future. In "Clubbing," Cleo accepts Akila as her family, which helps her move past her homesickness. They share a dorm room at the school, and Akila is only mildly tolerant about Cleo keeping the room such a mess, though in "Do-Over", Cleo commits to being a better and less messy roommate. Akila has shown to generally disapprove of Cleo's relationship with Zaid, as she worries that he will be a negative influence on her due to his rebellious persona, despite being somewhat taken by it herself. Akila and Cleo sometimes come into conflict over Cleo's recklessness and her aversion to studying, but the two still care deeply about each other and they hug each other frequently. Whether there are romantic feelings between them is up to interpretation, as Akila has called Cleo her "girlfriend" before and they kissed, to Akila's surprise, in the episode "Do-Over," with Cleo also declaring she loved Akila afterwards.

Brian Bell[]

Brian's neurotic personality generally stands in contrast with Cleo's fearlessness, but the two are still good friends, and like Akila, Cleo has accepted him as her family. Brian created Cleo's Sphinx bike and gifted it to her at her party in "Surprise." He is also responsible for creating the device that keeps her visplication ability under control. As such, Cleo generally understands that she can trust him to provide any tech-based solutions to her problems, and in "Do-Over," it is shown that she is even relying on him to create a time travel device to send her back home. Cleo is also supportive of Brian's attempts to date Akila, and in "Cyrano", she gives him relationship advice.



Cleo tries to convince Yosira to not come on a mission

Yosira is drawn to Cleo first in the episode "Akila Says No", saying she will be in contact. Cleo, by contrast, is wowed by her presence, saying she smells like a princess, and is generally impressed. In the episode "My Pharaoh Lady", she says that she trusts Cleo to fill in for her and believes in her. After telling the assembled students "good luck", she calls the peace summit crucial and convinces Khensu to accept Cleo as her stand-in, coming to the summit at the Gentle Palms Space Station and Resort in disguise, agreeing to help Cleo with the "fine points of interplanetary diplomacy." Despite the heavy responsibility on Cleo, she bonds with her, working with Cleo who fills in for her as the diplomat. They seem on good terms in the episode and going forward from that point, based on their interactions at the end of the episode. In the episode, "Xerxs Works", after she surprises them by wanting to go on a mission with them (Cleo and her friends), Cleo becomes annoyed by Yosira proving herself to be a much wiser and more skilled leader than she is. After they enter the space station, Cleo becomes angry and yells at her, refusing to hear her idea. Cleo later apologizes and they make up, gaining respect for each other once again.

Zaid Antonius[]


Zaid and Cleo dancing together in episode 12, "Double"

Zaid is Cleo's romantic interest. They first connect over Zaid's claim he is an orphan, which Cleo also claims about herself due to her travel through time. From then on, Cleo develops a crush on him due to his rebellious personality, good looks, and "flippy hair." She gains a tendency to fall into a stupefied daze upon seeing or thinking about him, such as in "Quarantine" where falls into a daze after seeing him running towards her, and nearly fails to shoot him with a dart to cure his sickness. In "Double", Zaid reveals to Cleo that he is Octavian's spy, which prompts her to punch him, though she feels sympathetic towards him when he mentions that Octavian is holding his parents hostage. In "Mihos", Cleo is temporarily despondent after Zaid is expelled from the academy, and calls him her "crush," showing that she still has feelings for him. In "Cleopatra Needs Space," Zaid returns to the Academy as a visitor and gives Cleo information to find the UTA tablet. When this turns out to be a trap, Cleo worries about whether Zaid intentionally set her up, though she quickly comes to the conclusion that he didn't know. However, in "Pirates", Cleo is left distraught and furious to learn that Zaid had joined the space pirates, and even when he tries to rescue her and her friends, she remains hostile towards him, attempting to hit him with a plasma staff and pretending not to be able to see or hear him while he helped them escape, which Zaid interprets as immaturity from her. Later, Cleo saves him from Amsaja, and after the latter's crossbow shot ends up trimming his hair, Cleo once again falls into a daze over him, leading to her second fantasy in the episode where they go out together in a "blaze of glory" before being killed by the pirates, explicitly suggesting that Cleo would have been willing to die at his side. In "Cleo and Zaid", Zaid steals artifact called the Eye of Ra from the council's chambers to help Cleo find the UTA Tablet, which leads them to Dhargam, where they briefly consider remaining for all eternity (Cleo going as far as to imagine herself having children with Zaid). The eventually escape with the tablet, and after showing it to the council, Cleo loses herself and kisses him for the first time in reality, which after a double-check to ensure that it truly is reality, she kisses him a second time in front of the council.



Cleo and Khensu at the end of the first episode, "Wednesday"

Cleo finds Khensu boring and cranky at times while Khensu, meanwhile, is often highly annoyed at Cleo's impulsiveness, recklessness, and refusal to listen. The two frequently come into conflict with each other, but they end up on good terms again after Cleo admits to her mistakes and Khensu, in turn, excuses her actions. Despite their often contentious relationshp, it is shown that they possess a unique bond. During Cleo's early days in the future, whenever she was feeling homesick or out of place, she often confided in Khensu, who would then cheer her up. In Wednesday, he even went as far as to allow her to pet him (despite how much he despises being treated like a domestic cat). Khensu is also naturally protective of her, as evidenced in My Pharaoh Lady where he let slip that he did not want Cleo to stand in for Yosira due to how dangerous it would be for her. Likewise, Cleo has also shown a deep compassion for Khensu as seen in Quarantine. Though Khensu does not always trust Cleo's judgment, he still believes in her destiny as the galaxy's savior and thereby allows her to take charge whenever the situation calls for it, even showing a willingness to follow her orders.



Callie and Cleo's duet in the episode "Suspicion"

Throughout the series, Callie, a popular girl at the Academy with a dedicated group of friends, and Cleo have an ongoing rivalry, making them hate each other. Cleo even calls Callie her "archnemesis" in the episode "Clubbing." They call each other names, with Callie giving Cleo nicknames for each other and Cleo going the same Callie's behavior makes Cleo think that she is the spy causing havoc in the Academy[3], leading her to take drastic measures, including invading her personal space. Cleo is under the impression that she has "proof" that Callie is a spy on Octavian and sees being a partner as a perfect excuse to find out the truth. This ends up to be a ruse and she realizes her hunch was incorrect.

After Cleo saves her from a mind-controlled Zedge in the episode "Suspicion", Callie admits she is annoyed because Cleo is doing better than her, which runs against the expectations of her parents, making her "look bad" (weakening her status in the school) and feels jealous. Cleo then says that Callie is "fantastic at almost everything," going further than her previous praise (calling her tall and athletic), they fist-bump, and Cleo describes her as a "partner." The latter is likely in the context of the No Science Day. At the end of the episode "Suspicion," the two sing a duet together with Zedge and his band after admitting they "hate" each other.

In "My Pharaoh Lady," Callie continues to act sassy, performing a song at the "auditions" for a "play" put on by Yosira (actually a ruse) with her posse. She only interacts with her briefly in "Double." While Cleo is still annoyed by her, she hugs Callie in the arcade after saying she has gone back to "normal," surprising an annoyed Callie. In "Cyrano", Callie ribs Akila and Cleo, especially when she thinks that Brian (controlled by Cyrano) is cool and no longer their friend.

In the episode "Savior", Callie is shown to be in a club created by Cleo for students to practice their fighting skills. At the end of the episode, she catches and saves Cleo from dying, declaring she is now "the savior." They gently rib each other afterward, and exchange warm glances toward each other. In the following episode, "Ladies Night", she comes with Akila, Khepra, and Cleo to the arcade. She seems to be warmer with Cleo during this episode.


Depending on what form she manifested, Debbie would act differently toward Cleo. Scanning her memories, Debbie created a temple like the one in Ancient Egypt, taking the forms of Octavian, Gozi, King Ptolemy, and Xerxs. She also creates a quest for Cleo to find the UTA Tablet, annoying Cleo when she finds out this isn't real in the slightest.


Octavian knows that Cleo is the prothesized savior of the galaxy who will save the galaxy and put an end to his reign, so he sees Cleopatra as a threat. Ever since she arrived in the future and enrolled at the Academy in hopes of gaining training so she can fulfill her role, Octavian has been launching several attacks, with Cleo as the target to capture or get rid of her ("Surprise", "Team Building", "Suspicion", and "Double"). In episode 26, "Pyramid Scheme", Cleo discovers that Octavian is actually Gozi, her friend from her time. In the episode, "Team Building" Cleo pledges to end Octavian "once and for all" but also mocks him by saying she is let down because his "cape screams trying too hard." In the episode "Rescue", Cleo resists Octavian's attempt to recruit her to his side, trying to get her to touch the tablet so he can gain unimaginable power, so he can end the war "without a fight"; Octavian realizes that Cleo is "awesome" in terms of her power. Her pink power sent Octavian hurtling to the planet below and he is awed by her power, which destroys his command ship with one blast.


As Cleo's doppelganger, Amsaja is undoubtedly hostile toward her and the rest of her team, specifically Akila, Mihos, and Brian. However, Cleo is wowed by her at first but later comes to dislike her after she is imprisoned. Her feelings further harden following Amsaja almost killing/greviously injuring her crush, Zaid during their fight on the pirate ship.


Cleo is a skilled fighter, with a staff, sword, or slingshot, and very good at marksmanship, like with a laser gun called a quaser. She also gained, due to her time travel, a pink aura which can drain energy, projecting it into beams and energy waves. This is demonstrated when she causes the power grid of the academy to go down and again when she helps power down Brian to prevent an illness from taking him over. This ability, which she is still learning to control, is only possible when she is sad and homesick of Ancient Egypt. She later describes this as her "pink glow thing" in the episode "Quarantine." While Dr. Queed, in later episodes, names this ability "visplication", and devised a device to help her control it.

Cleo's pink power

The pink glow power is shown to its full potential in Rescue

Additionally, her leadership abilities improve throughout the series, even leading a group of indigenous peoples on a planet against the enemy robots. By the episode "Team Building" she is considered the de facto leader of the group of herself, Akila, Brian, and occasionally Khensu. She has an ability to be humble, as first demonstrated in the episode "Humility." The latter is connected to the fact that she is impressed by Pharaoh Yosira, saying she "smells" like a princess. Additionally, in the episode "Double", Cleo organizes the group to check for the spy, admitting importance of finding the spy. Even when drawn in by her love of Zaid, she still organizes the group. In the episode "Xerxs Works" she calls herself a "team leader."

Also, she is relatively skilled at rowing, throwing objects, driving vehicles (like her Sphinx Anti-Gravity Bike), easily adapts to technology of the future, and seems to be good with animals like cats and possibly dogs (the "Fungus God" is like a dog). On the latter point, in "Mihos" her love of animals translates to occasionally talking in baby voices to them, specifically in the case of Mihos. Additionally, she seems to be good at wielding ancient weapons like rocks tied to ropes to snag someone's legs, and likely an axe as shown in "Suspicion." By the episode, "My Pharaoh Lady", she has become well experienced with using a staff.

Apart from this, in "Cleopatra Needs Space" mainly, and in other episodes secondarily, it is shown that she has quite an aptitude for futuristic technology. In the episode, she hacks into a robot barge and changes its destination from the recycling plant to Mayet. Her efforts are rendered worthless, however, as she has to rescue Brian, Akila, and Zaid who are captured in a failed attempt to rescue her.

Selected Quotes[]

  • "When I'm queen, it's gonna be awesome! I'm gonna have so much fun! No one telling me what to do, traveling around the world, going wherever I want, having adventure." - Speaks to her dad, Plotemy XII in "Wednesday"
  • "I want adventure, I want choices, but it feels like my whole life has been planned out for me." - Makes a declaration to Gozi in "Wednesday"
  • "I don't wanna go to any academy! I wanna go home!" - Declares her desire to go home to the leaders of the council of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. in "Wednesday"
  • "It's just, I miss home so much and I don't fit in here! Everything's weird and hard." - Speaks to her new friends Brian and Akila in "Wednesday"
  • "Khensu! Why did you enroll me here? This place is awful. I don't understand anything and I don't fit in and I just want to go home! "- Annoyed with Khensu in "Surprise"
  • "I'm the savior of the galaxy, therefore I should get to meet Yosira." - Inflating her importance in the episode "Akila Says No"
  • "We scientifically make her do a bunch of boring chores we don't want to! Brian, you're a genius!" - Hatches a plan with Brian in "Akila Says No"
  • "I am the best! I am the best!" - Being over-confident in the episode, "Quarantine"
  • "You keep expecting me to know all your weird future stuff but I don't even know what quarantine is! Is it a mural? Is it a dance? Some kind of pastry? Its not my..." - Defends herself to Khensu in the episode "Quarantine"
  • "Wow, its awesome! Uncanny scientific brilliance! That's actually pretty fun to say." - Talks to Doctor Queed in the episode "Quarantine"
  • "Think about all my friends. Think about my dad. I miss you Dad." - Trying to use her special power to stop Brian, who has become a rage zombie, in the episode "Quarantine"
  • "We risked our lives for baby rattles?"- Annoyed by the mission in the episode "Team Building"
  • "I don't know how I could survive around here without you guys...or my head. We gotta team up it up and team it up fast."- Tells Akila and Brian, in the episode "Team Building", that they need to come together
  • "I don't know where you are getting your info, Callie, but Khensu thinks were so awesome, he wants to make us an official team."- Defends her team to Akila and Brian in the episode "Team Building"
  • "What if all the training in the world can't help us? What if we aren't cut out to be a team after all...I'm serious. We couldn't save the chorcle. We couldn't even stand up to Callie. Maybe we need to accept that we're not supposed to be together."- Says what she feels in the episode "Team Building," something which Khepra overhears accidentally
  • "I basically told Administrant Khepra that we stink as a team and shouldn't be around each other...Khensu must be furious with me."- Despondently speaks to Akila and Brian in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Do none of you get how fun works?"- Asks them all about how in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Khensu, you really had me going! A Xerxs battle simulation is just what we need."- Excited in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Alright, here's the plan. I lure the Xerxs away from the control room and Brian shields me. Khensu shuts the simulation down while Akila covers him with this. Guys, this will work. Trust me."- Speaks to Khensu, Brian, and Akila in the episode, "Team Building"
  • "I'm not worried about it. No matter what Octavian throws at us, we can handle it because we are the best team in the galaxy."- Extrudes confidence in the episode, "Team Building"
  • "Hello, Fungus God, I come to you with humility to offer my most humble apologies for tying you up. I was hoping we could talk in totally calm and serene way. I am going to untie you cautiously and not make any sudden movements and I hope this humility, serenity, caution thing isn't a huge mistake."- Tries to be calm to the Fungus God in the episode "Humility."
  • "Wow, he's not bad if you treat him nicely. Wanna a scratch, boy. Who's a good Fungus God. Who's a good Fungus God. Yeah you are."- On the changed personality of the Fungus God after being humble in the episode "Humility."
  • "When its go time, I don't overthink things or really think at all."- Talks to the Teresians in the episode "Humility."
  • "As much as I hate to overthink stuff, I kinda think we are gonna need a plan."- Explains her "method" to the Teresians in the episode "Humility."
  • "Teresians, I know you've had ages of being humble, serene, and cautious, but for the sake of your planet and my friends, you've got to go back to being savage warriors, just for a little bit."- Gives a short speech to the Teresians in order to rile them up for battle in "Humility."
  • "Relax, Khensu, I totally got this."- Tries to reassure Khensu she can pull off being Pharaoh Yosira in "The Summit," later adding she was training to be a pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.
  • - "My dear friends, this charade as gone on long enough. Someone here has already made an alliance...with Octavian! And I believe that the someone who is on Octavian's side is...surely must be...oh crude, its Chostipher"- Wings it as Yosira in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "Sorry you can't stick around!"- she says while swinging her stick in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "You're lucky I'm not the real pharaoh. You wouldn't be getting off as easily."- says when talking to Chosty in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "Hey Zaid, shoot much?...Not everyone can be as awesome as me."- Cleo makes fun of Zaid's bad aim and skills with a laser gun in "Double"
  • "You missed me again, Dorktavian. I think you might be losing your touch."- Cleo talks directly to Octavian in the episode "Double"
  • "Lucky for us, I can always tell if someone is lying."- Cleo claims she knows when people are lying in the episode "Double"
  • "Akila, he saved me from the Robbats. He tried to do, anyway, and he fought the robatanical at my surprise party and also"- Cleo's thoughts are interrupted by her love for Zaid in "Double"
  • "You coming, Zaid? I was thinking we could do good cop, bad cop."- Cleo tries to rope Zaid into helping them find the spy in "Double"
  • "First, why would a planet need juice, second, why does everyone want me to go somewhere with them? There's a spy to be caught. Something's not right and if we don't change tactics, we'll never find the spy. I need to think."- Cleo loosing it to DittoBot as Omnia in "Double"
  • "Alright you little punk, you're going to give me what I want and you're going to give it now!"- taking to soda machine angrily in "Double"
  • "What is up? Everyone is being weird and we still don't know who the spy is. I'm usually so good when people are lying right?" she asks Zaid in "Double"
  • "What is happening? No one is acting like themselves and cares about finding the spy, not even Brian! Is Brian the spy? Does that mean Akila is in on it too and Khensu? Are they all spies?! Is everyone a spy but us?! Is it all a conspiracy?!"- Cleo gets completely conspiratorial in "Double"
  • "It was fun, thanks for suggesting this. And thanks for being the only person who wasn't acting like a total weirdo today. I know some people at the Academy think you are a bad boy but I know there's more to you than cool hair and hoverblades."- Cleo tries to be understanding of Zaid in "Double"
  • "I can't believe the guy I was crushing on is an Octavian spy," she hedges after this when trying to explain what she means by this to Zaid in "Double"
  • "So, that's why everyone was acting so weird. We have to find this DittoBot before it hurts someone."- Understands what Zaid means by the DittoBot in "Double"
  • "Just so we're clear, I'm keeping my fist ready if you have second thoughts about doing the right thing."- Cleo firmly tells Zaid in "Double"
  • "He had to do it. Octavian is holding his parent's hostage. In his position, I would have done the same thing."- Cleo at peace with Zaid's decision in "Double"
  • "Then you know, sooner or later, I'm going to destroy you."- Speaks to Octavian in "Rescue"
  • "We have to find the UTA Tablet before Octavian does, or the Nile Galaxy is doomed."- Predicts awfulness in "Rescue"
  • "Do you mind? I'm kinda having a moment when my crush [Zaid] goes away maybe forever."- Muses on the departure of Zaid in "Mihos"
  • "We should take it slow, so we can skip more classes."- Responds to her role as the leader of a group that wants to find the tablet in "Mihos"
  • "Space. The galaxy is full of it! Anyway, Captain's log or whatever, we are at the end of a week-long mission searching for the UTA Tablet and we're getting on each other's nerves just a little."- Her mock "captain's log" in "Paradise Found"
  • "You spent 24 hours with people and you learn some weird stuff."- Comments on the crew at the beginning of "Paradise Found"
  • "Let's split up and search for the UTA. I think we all need a break from each other."- Talks in "Paradise Found" saying they should split up and search for the tablet
  • "Protocol can eat my socks! As of this moment, we are not a team. Cleo, out."- Declares angrily that their team is over in  "Paradise Found"
  • "We should have never split up. Being together as a team is so much better than any of that fake dream come true stuff."- Recognizes her mistake at the end of "Paradise Found"
  • "Considering its a first date, maybe go slightly more casual."- Gives advice to Akila in "Cleopatra Needs Space"
  • "Its better to be just friends than not friends at all."- Gives advice to Akila, again, in "Cleopatra Needs Space", something which Akila calls "wise"
  • "It was really cool for your parents to invite me and don't worry, I'm totally ok with the fact they don't live in a palace."- Talks to Akila in "School Break"
  • "Baby Kiki was so cute!"- Looks at baby picture of Akila in "School Break"
  • "I faced off with him once. I absorbed all the power from his ship and then bam blasted him!"- Explains how she "defeated" Octavian in "School Break"
  • "Let's bring it in for the hug train."- Declares at the end of the episode in "School Break"
  • "You get full marks on form, although your fight puns still need a little work."- Talks to Yosira in "Xerxs Works"
  • "Do you understand, as a student, that homework is your enemy?"- Makes a point to Yosira in "Xerxs Works"
  • "You are the ruler of the galaxy, at least the parts Octavian hasn't conquered, so I guess I can't say no."- Notes how Yosira is rule of the Nile Galaxy in "Xerxs Works"
  • "Yeah, of course. We're both leaders," she says with disdain about Yosira, in "Xerxs Works," laughing sarcastically
  • "Yosira! Look, you may be pharaoh but I'm the one with experience which means I'm the idea haver around here, not you."- Challenges Yosira in "Xerxs Works"
  • "I'm sorry for getting mad and territorial before."- Apologizes to Yosira in "Xerxs Works"
  • "I guess I'm gonna miss my friends. They've always supported me in good times, bad times, and weird times, especially the weird times. They never treated me like I was famous and different. They told me the truth, even when I didn't want to hear it, now I finally appreciate that."- Speaks truth to Gurbo Gorbage in "Savior."


  • Cleo's headgear is shaped like a sacred ibis, although Zaid thinks its a snake. The Black Ibis is symbolic of an ancient Egyptian ancestor, with the African sacred ibis associated with the deity Djehuty or otherwise commonly referred to in Greek as Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art, judgment, and the dead.
  • Unlike the comic book series, Cleo is asked to keep her identity as princess of Ancient Egypt and savior of the Nile Galaxy a secret from the other students and professors at the Academy. Thus, the only ones who knows this information about her are the following: Khensu, Akila, Brian, Khepra (and P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. council), Yosira and Octavian.
  • Cleo is similar to Jack from Samurai Jack were both characters are stuck in the future and need to be back to the past.



  1. However, since she traveled 30,000 years in the future, she is technically 30,015 years old.
  2. Some say that her hair has a darker black color, purplish black with gold streaks, or just black with gold streaks.
  3. In the episode "Team Building", Cleo says Callie is the worst, says it must mean she is "the Octavian spy." Khensu denies this, while admitting that Callie is "unpleasant."