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"Cyrano"[2] is the second episode in Season Two of the Cleopatra in Space TV series.

Official Synopsis

Brian downloads some sketchy software that promises to make him cool.[2]




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The episode begins with Cleo looking through screens about possible sites of the UTA Tablet while Brian practices asking Akila out on a date to the planetarium in the mirror. While Cleo is annoyed with this at first, she says it is "about time" he does that. Akila returns. After a push from Cleo, Brian nervously begins talking to Akila, and begins glitching, complete with blotches on his face which are like blushes, but claims they are hives. He says he added a function to his body to simulate hives to make him seem "more human." Akila then puts up her new poster of Zedge in the room, even after Brian points out that he tried to kidnap Cleo, and continues her fan-crush on the rock musician. After regaining his self-confidence, Brian asks Akila if she would rather have no elbows or no knees, rather than asking her out to the planetarium. Akila says she would rather have no knees because she wants to learn calligraphy.

After Akila leaves, Brian admits to Cleo that he "choked" and was unable to ask her out. Cleo consoles him and says that Akila likes him, but doesn't realize it yet. When he says that Akila likes "cool guys," Cleo says you don't need to be cool but should be yourself. She tells him to ask her out soon so they can continue their search for the UTA Tablet. The next scene shows him in his laboratory, contemplating what he should do next while being hard on himself for not asking Akila out. He takes a quick FishKaboom break from his work, plays a little until he sees a pop-up ad. He sees Cyrano, an AI, as a pop-up ad on his screen. Cyrano says he is "no ordinary app" and is the "super tool to make you cool." Brian believes this is what he needs to win Akila over, even though he has to download the program directly to his operating system. He downloads the program, and then Cyrano appears and begins talking to him, saying he's got "what it takes" to be cool. Cyrano says he will give him instructions and the only thing he needs to do is follow them, not going off script or doing anything without him saying so! Brian agrees to those terms.

Cyrano tries to tell Brian who is 'cool'.png

Next, Brian is in the school cafeteria, and Cyrano tells him has "got this," while calling the cafeteria his "oyster" and to strut forward confidently. He begins walking carefully, then Cyrano reminds him to "strut," which he does in huge steps. Cyrano, annoyed, tells him to stick to walking, and to find a "cool table." First is shown a table with Dennis, E'Geke-Ek'Gek, and another student playing a board game, and next is a table with Callie, Lakshmi, and another student, which Cyrano thinks is more his "temperature." He approaches the table and Callie makes fun of him, calling him "Brian-iac," so Cyrano tells Brian to win her over with a joke. It goes so badly that Cyrano tells him to abort, which he does, and awkwardly leaves the room. After he leaves, Callie then asks if what he did actually happened or if there is a gas leak inside the cafeteria.

Brian then lies on his bed and declares he will never be cool. Cyrano says what happened was only a "minor setback" and asks Brian to let him control the minor functions of his cyborg body, claiming it will help him avoid "future awkwardness." After thinking that Cyrano is his friend and they are a team, he goes to his settings and lets Cyrano control his motor functions, making him more "cool," leading to a new outfit, hair-style, and demeanor. He proceeds to travel through the hallways on a hoverboard, surprising Lakshmi, Dennis, and E'Geke-Ek'Gek at his "coolness." He even impresses Khensu, who is carrying a stack of boxes, saying he should have reprimanded him for using a hoverboard inside but is "so cool." He later dances in front of a crowd of people and impresses Professor Sitre when he calls her fur "spectacular." Brian ducks under the desk after seeing a monster that was created by one of the classmates, but Cyrano overrides Brian's instincts and brings him into the situation in an attempt to "be cool."

Callie taken in by Cryano-Brian 2.png

Cyrano, as Brian, jumps into action, and Sitre reveals the monster, which was accidentally created by Cheval, who asks himself what powder he was supposed to use. Riding on his hoverboard, he saves Cheval from being eaten, along with other students trapped by the monster. Cleo and Akila arrive just in time, with Cleo saying she'll save Callie, who is crying for help. Brian then picks up Callie and mixes up a solution, which he ties to the sprinkler system, causing it to go off, with the monster killed by the water and other students saved. Brian carries Callie to part of the room, saying she has something on her perfect cheek, and he moves away, up to the light like an angel. Seeing this, Callie calls him dreamy and then questions herself, asking herself if she likes Brian and what is happening. Putting down his hoverboard, he goes forward and the crowd carries him forward, with Brian liking the newfound popularity, even Mihos embracing it. Cleo and Akila are dumbfounded, not understanding what is happening.

Next, Brian is shown in the cafeteria with Lakshmi and Callie flocking to him. Cleo and Akila approach the table, Callie insults Cleo, and Cleo tells Brian they really need his help to find the UTA Tablet. Brian is willing to help them, but Cyrano butts in and stops him, leading Brian to say he has stuff to do, angering Akila. He follows this by saying he could squeeze them in, leading Lakshmi to defend him. Akila and Cleo storm off and Brian regrets what he said, but Cyrano tells him to leave Akila alone. Akila and Cleo speak to Khensu, admitting they are no further along in finding the UTA Tablet, noting that Brian has refused to help them. After Khensu notes that Brian has changed, Akila says she misses the "old Brian." At that moment, Brian comes in, proposing that Akila go to the planetarium with him. Akila blows him off, saying she has stuff to do, while Cleo criticizes him and tells him that Akila "likes her Brians dorky." Khensu offers to Brian that they hang out, but he leaves instead.

Brian tries to shut down cyrano.png

After this experience, Brian attempts to uninstall Cyrano's programming. He tries to do so, but Cyrano informs him that he can't be uninstalled, and takes control of Brian's body completely, with Brian trapped in his own neural matrix. He looks around the dark matrix fearfully, and Cyrano informs him that he can watch what Cyrano is doing with his body through a TV set with shotty reception. Cyrano then explains he is an artificial intelligence created by Octavian specifically for Brian's body while making some upgrades in his body. The addition of a mustache freaks out Brian more than any of the other upgrades, something which Cyrano agrees with. He then declares it is time to take Akila and Cleo to Octavian. When Cyrano, in Brian's body, enters Cleo and Akila's dorm room, Cleo and Akila and shocked to see Brian with muscles and his new upgrades, both disgusted when he kisses his arms. He declares he found the UTA Tablet on a planet occupied by Xerxs. Cleo agrees to go with Cyrano, as does Akila, despite her reservations about his "weirdness."

As their ship warps into a new part of outer space, Cleo comments that Brian seems relaxed for a person is about to battle a "bunch of Xerxes." In reality, the real Brian is not relaxed and is actually terrified. Cyrano towers over Cleo, in an attempt to intimidate her after she says that she should drive. Cleo agrees tentatively and leaves with Akila to "put on mission suits." Cleo then admits that she didn't care about safety but wanted an excuse to talk alone. She tells Akila that something is wrong with Brian, which Akila agrees with, and come to the conclusion they are going to have to disable him and bring him to Doctor Queed to see what is wrong with him. After some fighting, Cleo is able to trap Cyrano in the back part of the ship and wields her plasma staff. He reveals himself as Cyrano to them, saying he stole Brian's intelligence and trapped him in his mind, and will be taking them as prisoners to Octavian. Cleo clashes with Cyrano even as he blasts them with arms that have turned into cannons, while Akila attempts to take control of the ship. She later jumps in and throws a quaser star at Cyrano. Mihos goes on the attack too, allowing Cleo and Akila to push him down in an attempt to open a back panel. Cyrano then uses his hand-arm-cannon to blast a hole in the ship, pushing Cleo and Akila outside the ship with Cyrano-as-Brian, while Mihos remains inside, worried.


As Cyrano is about to kill Akila, Brian looks at the screen and says he needs to get it together for Cleo and Akila. He taps into one of the main cables inside his body and is able to bring Akila and Cleo back inside the ship. He tells them to power him down before it's too late. They do so, but not long after, Cyrano comes back and points his hand-cannon at Octavian. His fleet of ships arrived and he phases into the ship, with Octavian grumbling about his cape was ruined in the last encounter with Cleo in "Rescue", and saying that his cape is "custom." Cleo criticizes him for almost taking over the galaxy and Octavian complains it is hard to find "a good tailor" in the galaxy, followed by Akila giving a suggestion of a place "off Blantzden's third moon" with immaculate work and is "reasonably priced." Octavian then asks Cyrano how the search for the UTA Tablet is going and he admits that so far he has found nothing. It is then revealed that everything since Brian was powered down, was a simulation. Brian then wakes up after Queed attaches his other arm and Akila happily embraces him. Queed admits he thought Brian was "A goner" and called the unnamed "scrap metal guy," who says will be angry.

Khensu tells Brian about the simulation that Doctor Queed put Cyrano in, and Cleo asks what they will do with Cyrano. Brian comes up with an idea of what to do and he puts him in his Fishkaboom game. After saying Cyrano will be in there forever, he tells him "BURN," repeating one of his lines back to him. After Mihos screeches at him and he falls to the ground, Akila helps him up and tells him that she is happy that everything has returned to normal. Brian apologizes for what he did and says he wants to ask Akila out on a date, and after Akila wonders if he is really asking her out on a date, he says he definitely is. Cleo runs in and encourages Brian, who asks Cleo if they can have the moment, and she leaves, telling them to pretend she's not there. The episode ends with Akila and Brian agreeing to make plans to go on a date to the planetarium. Brian ends looking dorky, with Cleo telling him to never do it again in a voiceover as the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. campus is shown.

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  • This episode introduces Cyrano, the second A.I. featured on the show after Generator A.I., which was shown in the episode "Clubbing."
  • This episode shows that Brian has Nyctophobia, meaning a fear of the dark.


  • This episode, after "My Best Friend Mihos" shows Cleo frustrated with trying to find the UTA Tablet.
  • Brian mentions that Zedge tried to "kidnap Cleo," which is a reference to the plot of "Suspicion."