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Danny Shamoun performed live music for the Cleopatra in Space TV series.[2] Ryan Lofty also provided live instrumentation. Additionally, Noelle Fuoco and Caitlin Walton provided post-production supervision, Steven Gizzi and Brandon Liew played additional music, and various individuals from Advantage Audio provided sound services.[3] He is a writer, drummer, keyboard player, and percussionist for his company, Danny Shamoun Productions. He is influenced by the sounds of Arabic, Turkish and Greek music, and started playing in Greek clubs in the Detroit area, relocating to Los Angeles in 2004, and traveled to Iraq and Kuwait in 2009 with the band Scars on Broadway. Since then, he recorded with various musicians like Billy Ray Cyrus, Dominic Ciffarelli and Syrian singer Bashar Yohanoun. Currently, he lives in Burbank, California.

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