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It's pretty easy to read your minds. I just found stuff and turned into it
— Defends her actions to Cleo and her friends at the end of "Paradise Found"

Debbie (called Denebola-6) is a planet who was lonely and wanted to play with Cleo and her crew, tricking them into thinking the UTA Tablet would be on the planet. Manifested the forms of those such as Cleo's father King Ptolemy, Gozi, Octavian, Xerxs, Lavitza, Purple Barbecunicorn, Pangutelar, Gagtarnu, Pink Barbecunicorn, Granda, Mistress Punchfire, and other forms during her debut episode. After Cleo figures out that all of these forms are actually one, they introduce themselves. Tells them she is standing on their face, they say they won't let them go until Cleo comes with the idea to have them be a student at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. After that point, they become a robot representing a planet, just like Omnia. As such, they may be part of the debate club.


When on the planet, consists of a greyish rock form that can change shape at will, able to form structures and locations when she scans people's memories. Their whole form consists of the planet itself which Cleo and their crew believed was named Denebola-6 and although that its name, in reality, it goes by their name, "Debbie."


Depends on the form she is manifesting, but in their true form they are lonely and want friends, a problem solved by the end of their debut episode. More about their personality is noted in the relationships section below.



The temple Debbie manifested for Cleo

Depending on what form they manifested, they would act differently toward Cleo. Scanning their memories, she created a temple like the one in Ancient Egypt, taking the forms of Octavian, Gozi, King Ptolemy, and Xerxs. They also creates a quest for Cleo to find the UTA Tablet, annoying Cleo when they find out this isn't real in the slightest.


Debbie as Lavitza, annoyed with Khensu

On the planet, Khensu finds the constructed house of Levista (who Debbie takes the form of), and both go running toward each other. Levista claims that Khensu left her but he clarifies that she left him. She appears to be very controlling over him, likes to slap Khensu. As such, Levista is seemingly the ex-girlfriend of Khensu, as he tells her, "when you left, I swore never to love again."


Debbie takes the form of Grande, exciting Brian

Walking into a cave on the planet, Brian meets Granda Ibarra, who he claims is "history's greatest genius," saying she vanished thousands of years ago, and is fangirling. In this form, Debbie claims that they vanished into the future invented time travel and got stranded on the planet, stating they have been there for years, calling for him to help them with his research. Debbie later transforms Granda to Miss Punchfire, his favorite comic book hero. While Brian realizes this isn't real, he goes with it because he is enjoying himself.


Debbie manifests unicorns for Akila

Coming upon a hill, Akila goes down into the "valley of the Barbecunicorns" which Debbie has created. They create a whole set of unicorns, including Purple Barbecunicorn and Pink Barbecunicorn. They also create threats that Akila needs to fight off, to keep her there, including giving Akila a flame sword. Even when Akila finds out that this isn't real, she is enjoying herself so much she decides to continue to believe in the illusion, distressing Khensu, Brian, and Cleo, resulting in all three having to save her.

Selected quotes

  • "I'm here for the UTA tablet too. So if you want it, you'll have to go through us."- Debbie in the form of Octavian, talking to Cleo
  • "And I never stopped loving you, Khensu."- Debbie in the form of Levista, Khensu's ex-girlfriend
  • "Hello, friend. Would you like to ride us and then eat barbecue?"- Debbie in the form of Purple Barbecunicorn speaks to Akila

Episode appearances


  • They can scan the minds of individuals and manifest anything with her changing form, including love between male characters and female characters and vice versa, raising the question about their sexuality, possibly implying she may be LGBTQ and/or has an ambiguous gender.



  1. Taking advice of Chicago Tribune, which says "If you must use a pronoun, use they/them pronouns until otherwise stated"
  2. Her other forms were voiced by various voice actors for the show: Gagtarnu was voiced by Katie Crown, Pangutelar was voiced by Jorge Diaz, Ptolemy was voiced by Sendhil Ramamurthy, Gozi was voiced by Karan Brar, Lavitza was voiced by Elise Dubois, Granda and Pink Barbeunicorn were voiced by Amy Hill, Octavian was voiced by Jonathan Kite and Purple Barbeunicorn was voiced by Candi Milo