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I know a lot of things because of my uncanny scientific brilliance!
— Doctor Queed explaining himself in the episode "Quarantine"

Doctor Queed is a former doctor at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. and an acquaintance of Khensu. He has made a number of appearances in the series, so far, as a supporting character. His catchphrase is "my uncanny scientific brilliance!" or "scientific brillance" for short.


Haughty and arrogant, Queed trusts his intelligence and ability to solve issues through his scientific mind, no matter the hurdles he encounters along the way. At the same time, he is understanding, willing to test out his ideas, and work with others to accomplish goals. He also may have memory loss, as he drinks special tonic water to improve his cognition in "School Break".


He wears googles on his head, a medium grey suit covering half of his body and black gloves. Otherwise, he is not wearing any other clothes.



Cleo becomes his friend when he and Khensu arrive at his lab on an unnamed ice planet. They bond over the ability to say "scientific brilliance." He later explains his theory for Cleo's powers, which helps her gain a better understanding of herself. Cleo also finds him "very easy to manipulate" as she describes it in "Quarantine." He also serves as the person that keeps her under quarantine, which ends in the episode "Mihos".


Respects Khensu, seeing him as an old buddy, although Khensu finds him highly annoying. Although by "Cyrano", Khensu seems to have accepted Queed for he is, although he is annoyed by him in "Mihos"


In "Cyrano", Queed helps trap Cyrano so Brian can get his body back. In the episode "School Break" when Brian brings up that Queed used to on a ice planet, Queed doesn't recall it, raising the question of whether he has memory loss.


Very savvy with technology and science.

Episode appearances

Selected Quotes

  • "You threw me out of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. and now that you need me, you come crawling back like elephants. Well, I won't help you. You don't deserve my uncanny scientific brilliance!" - Talks to Cleo in "Quarantine"
  • "I can do anything! I can do anything!"- Defends himself from Cleo's tact to convince him to help
"It worked!"- Cleo
"Of course it did because of uncanny..."-Queed
"scientific brilliance. Yeah right"- Cleo
From "Quarantine" episode
  • "You can absorb energy and fold it into a different cross-section of the means, you might be a storage battery...someone or something must have made you this way. And I assume it was done for a purpose...if you ever learn to access all that energy, you could be the most powerful being in all of existence!"- Explains Cleo's abilities to her in "Quarantine"
  • "Oh, you fell asleep when I was telling you about my Razambulian slug-hunting safari. See, the trick to slug-hunting is telling the difference between a slug and a really juicy booger!"- Queed talks to Cleo at the beginning of "Mihos"
  • "Frostbite is real, people! Don't go out without a thermo-suit or you could lose your tail."- Queed makes a declaration in "School Break"
  • "Of course I can help Mihos with my uncanny veterinary brilliance!"- Queed declares to Cleo, Brian, Akila, and Khensu at the beginning of "Parasites"
  • "I can solve anything...except for the threat of Galactic Conquest by Octavian. That's more your dealio."- Speaks to Cleo in "Parasites"