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Emily Tetri is the art director and design supervisor for Cleopatra in Space TV show, working with Angela Song Mueller and Pakin Liptawat.[2] She previously worked as a background painter for Infinity Train, The Epic of Captain Underpants, Dawn of the Croods, Mike Tyson Mysteries and Legend of Korra. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Animation from USC School of Cinematic Arts. Additionally, she is the illustrator and author of Tiger vs Nightmare, a children's graphic novel, and has a dog. She currently lives in Los Angeles, often drawing and making up stories "for a living," but also runs around with her dog outdoors "every chance she gets," as noted in a MacMillian publishers bio.

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  2. Her role was noted in Pakin's posts on August 6, 2020 and August 19, 2020. She refers to her role on her website as a "Design and Color Supervisor on an Unannounced 2D Action Comedy based on a graphic novel," but does not give a specific time she worked there, just putting it under her time at DreamWorks, from May 2015 to May 2019.