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Hello, my name is Eyeball. Are you food?
— Eyeball introduces himself to Brian and Akila when in his Xerxs body

Eyeball is the foster child, of sorts, of Brian and Akila, going from being a computer program and into the body of a Xerxs.


When a computer program/virtual pet, has a light blue appearance, with a huge darker blue eye, two teeth, and a big mouth. When they move into the body of the Xerxs, gains new legs and arms, which they use to protect his "parents."


Silly, goofy, and fun to play with. Is very protective of Brian and Akila, willing to go through dangerous terrain and battlefields to make sure they are safe.


Brian and Akila

Sees Brian and Akila as their parents of sorts. While Brian is not in favor of this at first, as times goes on, Brian gets closer to them and accept them as their "son." Additionally, Akila wants Eyeball to see her and Brian as the Moms of Eyeball, leading them to say he loves their "moms." They call Akila "mommy" and Brian "mamma-daddy." Brian agrees to them as a "son", and both Akila and Brian manipulate/convince them to bring them to the volcano. They also calls Cleo an "auntie" at the end of their debut episode.

By the time of Pyramid Scheme, Cleo refers to them as one of the "Kids."


Eyeball (at least in their virtual form) is capable of purring, Brian says purring "increases his adorableness quotient by 37%" Furthermore, Eyeball is also smarter than a Xerx, and able to outsmart them in "Pyramid Scheme".

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  • He is the first character Brian Posehn has voiced in the series.
  • Akila may have said he has two moms because she has two moms of her own, Theoda and Pothina; as such, this means that to Eyeball, Brian and Akila are his moms, which a relationship with LGBTQ vibes.
  1. Taking advice of Chicago Tribune, which says "If you must use a pronoun, use they/them pronouns until otherwise stated"