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Julia "Fitzy" Fitzmaurice was a showrunner for the Cleopatra in Space TV series along with Doug Langdale. After the show started post-production, Doug and Fitzy became showrunners, helping in the music direction of the show.[2] Active in the animation industry since 2002, she has helped animate various TV series like Free for All and The Simpsons, and TV shorts such as Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness[3] and Pups of Liberty. She also served as a storyboard artist for several episodes of Wallykazam! and The Simpsons Movie and served as director for two series: Spirit Running Free (13 episodes) and The Powerpuff Girls (33 episodes). In her free time, she works on animation, plays guitar, and rides motorcycles.[4] Presently, she is a story artist for Walt Disney Animation and works for DreamWorks Animation.

Episodes directed

  • Season 1, episode 14, Mihos

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  3. she was also part of the art department for these shorts.
  4. On her LinkedIn page, she describes her previous work as the following: "Fitzy was born and raised just outside the Boston area. At the age of five, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she innocently answered, “a cartoon”. In 2002, after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a double major in animation and illustration, she began working as a professional caricature artist at Universal Studios. Subsequent experience includes: an internship at Film Roman, Assistant Animator on “Free For All”; Co-creator, designer and animator (development and pitching) for West Coast Animation, and Prop designer for Curious George the TV show. In 2006, she was recruited for the Simpsons Movie as a story reel artist. Following that, she continued on “The Simpsons” TV Show as a storyboard artist and animator. In 2009, she left the Simpsons to work at Nickelodeon Animation Studios on the TV Series “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness” as a Storyboard artist. Fitzy next worked as a storyboard artist on “WallyKazam”, also at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. In 2013, she was recruited by DisneyToon Studios, as a story artist for the “Planes 3” feature. There she also worked on “Planes” and “Tinkerbell” short films, “History of Aviation”, as well as research and development of her original short ideas. In January of 2015, Fitzy moved to Cartoon Network as the Supervising Director of “Powerpuff Girls”, where she was nominated for an Emmy. In November of 2015, she was recruited to join DreamWorks Television Animation as a director on “Spirit: Riding Free”. In 2017, Fitzy began her current role at DreamWorks Television Animation as the Supervising Producer/Showrunner on an as yet unannounced series."