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Pharaoh Yosira. Welcome to the Gentle Palms resort. I am manager, your humble servant, Chostipher.
— Chostipher introduces the facility to "Yosira" in the episode "My Pharaoh Lady"

The Gentle Palms Space Station and Resort is where Yosira meets with Prime Minister Nuvillo of the Shaka Alliance and Queen Phoebus of Macoboly to convince them to join P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. against the forces of Octavian. During this summit, Cleo goes disguised as Yosira, accompanied by Yosira, Khensu, Akila, and Brian. Chostipher attempts to kidnap her and turn her over to Octavian, but this fails. He joins P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., as do Nuvillo and Phoebus.


This location, in deep space, is similar to RepliCamp in that it is a space station, but different because it is a luxury resort. Cleo describes it as swanky. The facility has various amenities such as wide rooms to sleep and lounge around, plus water features, a scanner which prevents "powered weapons," and decorated hallways. None of this prevents the attack by Chostipher's people, the staff of the resort, specifically those who work in the kitchen. An asteroid belt is nearby and the facility is suspended in space.