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This page should feature a list of all mentioned media such as books, music, games and other items that fall under the intellectual property category.


  • Mistress Punchfire - a comic series Brian enjoys reading. First shown in "Clubbing", expanded on in "Heaven's Reality". Punchfire first appeared in Supernova Crusaders #27, where she got the Guantlets of Vigor.


  • "Weird Alien Soap Opera" - an unnamed soap opera that Khensu enjoys watching in "Heaven's Reality". Although it is not translated, Khensu says that "it's not about the words, it's about the feelings! ...Also it's about the slapping for some reason." Mihos is shown to be interested in it too, however much less than Khensu who is shown crying at some points.


I don't remember any named songs, however the performances by the bands (there was one in 'Surprise' right?) could probably count for something here. -Phoenix

  • Unknown instrumental song- played during Cleo's surprise birthday party in the episode "Surprise." It seems to be a pop tune of some type, with the band playing it using guitar-like instruments and drums, which emit electronic sounds. Cleo ends up trying to use one of these instruments to fight the robatanical, and when she is unsuccessful, she uses something else instead.
  • "Sweet Little Academy Girl"[1] - Zedge sings this short song to Akila while near the Zawaldi Fountain of Destiny on the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. campus, where people throw in pebbles and make a wish. This song draws Akila even closer to Zedge.
  • "Two Stars at the Same Time"[2] - Cleo and Callie sing a duet while Zedge, who is holding a guitar, and his two band members (a drummer and guitarist) play their instruments at the end of the episode "Suspicion." Khensu, a fanboy of Zedge, is also on stage briefly, although he does not sing. Brian, Akila, Dennis, and many others dance to this duet.
  • "I'm a Pharaoh"[3] - Callie has a rap/hip-hop song she sings in My Pharaoh Lady in an audition to be Yosira in a purported school play about P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. This song, which she sings with her posse, is not accepted and is rejected like the other entries.
  • Written in the Stars- opening theme of the series; an instrumental version of part of the song plays in the episode Team Building before Khensu cuts it off.

Computer software

  • FishKaboom - a computer game showed played by Brian, Philo and an unnamed guard (who was meant to be watching the access to P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. ships in "Xerxs Works") on Tabs, a mobile computer, throughout the show in episodes like Mentor and Parasites. It resembles a retro game with highly pixelated graphics and low-bitrate audio where you shoot explosive fish from a rotatable cannon at the top of the screen at a character running around a platformer level. Considering the technological capabilities of Tabs shown throughout the show it is strange that this is most popular game in the show.


  • Mistress Punchfire presumably foreshadows Octavian's reveal as being Gozi in "Heaven's Reality" (based on the graphic novel series)[this should probably be spoilered, but we don't have that system here]


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