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Katherine "Katie" Crown is a Canadian-American Actress. She is the voice of Akila and Professor Jurval in the Cleopatra in Space TV series. She is known for playing Izzy in Total DramaRama, Fin in Stoked, Mary Wendell and Ms. Baker in Clarence and Tulip in Storks. In 2013, she was hired by an auto financing company, DriveTime, as was Nicole Randall Johnson, for an ad campaign. She also voiced characters in Jimmy Two-Shoes (Aunty Pomegranate, Mama Bird, and Mrs. Panda Monster), Spliced! (Patricia), Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (Teresa), Barbie in The Pink Shoes (Hailey), Adventure Time (Blargetha), Barbie: The Pearl Princess (Kuda), Bob's Burgers (Harley), and Amphibia (Ivy). She also wrote episodes of Sanjay and Craig, Clarence, Bob's Burgers, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil while acting in live-action roles for various shows (Kroll Show, Nathan for You, The Nerdist, Conan, Hotbox and The Jon Dore Show). She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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