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"Cleopatra, you have been transported far from Earth, 30,000 years into your future. And according to the prophecy, you are the savior of the Nile Galaxy, the only one who can save us from the tyrant who has destroyed hundreds of worlds and enslaved thousands more: the monster, Octavian."
— Khenzu explaining Cleo her role in fulfilling the prophecy in the episode, "Wednesday"

Khensu Kasaar is a protagonist of the Cleopatra in Space TV series. He is an intelligent, long-eared cat with the ability to speak, and a teacher at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.


As a teacher and authority figure within P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., Khensu typically puts on a strict and no-nonsense demeanor, and his face is usually adorned with a scowl. He takes it upon himself to ensure that Cleo is prepared for the grand destiny ahead of her, though he is constantly frustrated by her recklessness and refusal to listen. Unlike Cleo, who enjoys immediate action and doesn't stop to think about the consequences it may lead to, Khensu likes to plan things out. They come into conflict frequently, but always make up after Cleo admits her mistakes or concedes that he was right. Khensu then often excuses her actions. Although he does not prefer combat in contrast to Cleo, Khensu is nonetheless shown to be more than capable of wielding Quasers and fighting when the need arises.

From time to time, it is revealed that the strict demeanor he puts on is little more than an act, and he is just as laid back as the students he often scolds. In "Suspicion," he reveals himself to be a fan of the band Sonic Pother, momentarily geeking out in front of the students before suddenly catching himself. In "Cyrano," he is so taken by Brian's newfound coolness that he offers to hang out with him. In "Paradise Found," he is shown to enjoy alien soap operas, which also make him very emotional. His favorite pastime is solving math puzzles, and he also cannot help but give in to his natural cat instinct to chase grasshoppers. Nevertheless, he despises being treated like a domestic cat, and as such, he reacts with hostility any time Cleo attempts to pet him. He makes a sole exception in "Wednesday," however, briefly allowing Cleo to pet him as a means of comforting her. In spite of himself, he appeared to enjoy it, as he smiled and purred softly while she did so.

Like Cleo, he is also somewhat full of himself. In "Eyeball," it is revealed that he is writing a screenplay for a movie titled "Khensu in Space: The Movie," the plot of which presumably casts himself as the hero of Cleo's adventures. He also does not want anyone to know that Khepra is his mother, since he fears that others will think he only has his job as a result of her being the Administrant.


Wears a uniform with a shade of blue colors (light blue and dark blue), with a gold collar, gold on the wrists, gold jewelry on the tail. His nose is heart-shaped.



Brian respects Khensu and his authority, and Brian is acknowledged by Khensu to be one of the best students at the Academy. In "Ladies Night", Brian, Khensu, and Dennis have their own "Guys' Night" and bond over their shared love for math puzzles.


Khensu is Akila's history teacher and Khensu acknowledges her as one of the best students at the Academy. In "Akila Says No", it is shown that Khensu relies on Akila's talent for translating unknown languages to translate books recovered from distant planets.


Cleo and Khensu at the end of the first episode, "Wednesday"

Khensu's best efforts to mold Cleo into the galaxy's savior are so often thwarted by her recklessness and impetuousness. Despite their contentious relationship, however, he and Cleo share a unique bond. Khensu offered support for Cleo after she confided in him during times when she was homesick or feeling like she didn't belong. He has even comforted her by allowing her to pet him, in spite of how much he hates being treated like a domestic cat. Khensu is also much more likely to excuse Cleo's actions rather than issue any consequences or punishments for her. In the episode "My Pharaoh Lady," he reveals his protectiveness over her by accidentally mentioning that he did not want Cleo posing as Yosira due to the danger it would place her in. Though he does not always trust her judgment, he believes in her destiny enough to allow her to take charge when the situation calls for it, even showing a willingness to follow her orders.

Doctor Queed

Khensu respects Queed only as far as him being one of the most brilliant minds at the Academy. Beyond that, however, he strongly dislikes him. In "Parasites," he outright attacked Queed after he had used a shrink ray on Cleo, Akila, and Brian, momentarily believing that Queed had destroyed them.

Administrant Khepra

Wary of Khepra, who respects Khensu and his authority, trusting him to keep Cleo, Brian, and Akila in line. He always want to live up to her expectations. It is later revealed, in the episode Ladies Night, that Khepra is his mother.


On the planet, Khensu finds the constructed house of Levista (who Debbie takes the form of), and they go running toward each other. She claims that Khensu left her but he clarifies that she left him. She appears to be very controlling over him, likes to slap Khensu. As such, Levista is seemingly the ex-girlfriend of Khensu, as he tells her, "when you left, I swore never to love again."


Can shoot lasers out of his paws (using a wrist-mounted quaser) and is very athletic. He also can easily sit on a floating platform, often in the Academy.

Selected Quotes

  • "I am Khensu, Professor Khensu. And who, may I ask, are you?"- Khensu asking Cleo who she is in the episode "Surprise"
  • "Cleo! We've just learned that there was an outbreak of Philovian flu on that planet. You need to report to medical at once to be quarantined. This is serious...Cleo!" Khensu to Cleo in the first part of the episode, "Quarantine"
  • "I shouldn't have assumed you'd understand the importance of going to quarantine. You're new to this world and I have to help you learn about it."- Khensu to Cleo at the end of the episode, "Quarantine"
  • "...This mission was supposed to demonstrate the importance of teamwork!"- Khensu berating Cleo, Akila, and Brian in the episode "Team Building"
  • "There will be no theme song! You are no team. Khepra may split you up forever. You can't even work together to protect some chorcle from bugs"- Khensu angry with Akila and Cleo, and Brian as well in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Clearly you two are too busy with theme songs and Alpacas. Give me some laps!"- Khensu to Cleo, Akila, and Brian in the episode "Team Building"
  • "There's too much at stake, even if it kills you. Now, pick up the pace!"- Khensu to Cleo in the episode "Team Building"
  • "That's it! I can't do it anymore! You three are hopeless!"- Khensu yelling at the fact that Cleo, Akila, and Brian are not coalescing as a team in "Team Building"
  • "Pharaoh Yosira is to attend a peace summit with two other galactic leaders at the Gentle Palms space
    station and resort. She must convince them to join us in the fight against Octavian."- outlines mission to Cleo, Brian, and Akila in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "Thank you all for coming to this exciting new play about P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. Today we're casting the role of Pharaoh Yosira."- Lies to students in "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "Technically I don't take orders from you, but I suppose this one time [I can]."- Admits he is taking orders from Cleo in the episode "Double"
  • "I know who the spy is! This may come as a bit of shock but the spy is Zaid! I kinda thought that would get more of a reaction. Or any reaction."- In "Double," announces to an annoyed Brian and Akila that he knows who the spy is, with both already knowing who it is.
  • "Cleo's life is in more jeopardy than ever but she doesn't even know it!"- Cares about Cleo in "Double," resolving to help her
  • "Its not about the words, its about the feelings. Also, its about the slapping for some reason."- Defends watching a strange alien soap opera in "Paradise Found." He later defends this by saying that others are "weird."
  • "Ah, this is why I maintain a policy of never getting involved in my friend's love lives."- Gives his policy of not getting involved in friend's love lives to Cleo in "Cleopatra Needs Space"
  • "Ah. The change of season heralds the passing of time and reminds us that life is fleeting. I bid you all a fond farewell."- Talks to Cleo and Akila before they leave the academy on break in "School Break"
  • "I'm not thrilled you went behind my back but I am forced to agree. This was a decisive victory for P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. Well done, Cleo!"- Talks to Cleo and crew in "Xerxs Works"
  • "Your challenge is to find what one thing I have changed in this room."- Speaking to Akila, Brian, and Cleo in "Parasites"
  • "Actually I was preferring the sound of absolutely nothing. Ah, midterms. That magical time of year where all the students cloister themselves in their dorms, cramming like mad for exams. I'm quite proud of this year's cadets."- Khensu speaks to Professor Jurval in "Savior"


  • Is based off Khensu Kasaar in the comic book series.
  • Khonsu, also spelled as Chonsu, Khensu, Khons, Chons or Khonshu is the "Ancient Egyptian god of the Moon. His name means "traveller", and this may relate to the perceived nightly travel of the Moon across the sky...he marked the passage of time. Khonsu was instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures."