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They don't appear to be much of a team to me or to themselves...just because you have good ingredients doesn't mean they lead to a delicious meal. For example, fruit cake...fruit is delicious and so is cake. Put them together and you've got a bit plate of yuck.
— Khepra explaining Cleo's team in the episode, "Team Building"

Khepra Kasaar is an intelligent, long-eared cat with the ability to speak, and leader of the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. council. In the episode Rescue she presides over the trial of Zaid with the other council members.


Khepra is a confident and headstrong cat, with prolific leadership skills.


Wears a collar around the neck, gold on the inside, blue on the outside, and a suit which is greyish on the belly, yellow streak on the side and back, and dark blue on top. Also wears gold on the wrists. Has jewelry near the end of her tail.



Respects Khensu and his authority, trusting him to keep Cleo, Brian, and Akila in line. It is later revealed, in the episode Ladies Night, that Khensu is her son. In the same episode, he reveals her favorite color is "space yellow" and that she has a phobia of wind.


May have a crush on or like Msumaki, who plays with her tail in "Wednesday."


Unknown at this time other than leadership abilities.

Selected Quotes

  • "I'm sorry that I doubted you, Khensu, but in all honesty, she doesn't seem like much of a savior. I would have expected a mighty warrior, instead, I see an inexperienced child."- Khepra in the episode "Wednesday" to Khensu
  • "Khensu, she's obviously frightened. Take her back to the Academy and look after her...does she seem like a savior to you? If anything, she needs saving."- Khepra in the episode "Wednesday" about Cleo
  • "You may be driving them too hard. Take them on a teambuilding retreat."- Khepra in the episode "Teamwork"
  • "Zaid Antonius, you are guilty of high treason, a crime punishable by a lifetime sentence. However, because you only acted to save the lives of your parents, Dahab and Askari, Antonius, we will soften our verdict. You are expelled from the academy, effective immediately."- Khepra announcing the verdict of Zaid in "Mihos"
  • "We don't know what power the UTA Tablet holds, but we do know it is imparative that we find it before Octavian does."- Khepra talking to Cleo and others about her new special mission in "Mihos"
  • "Cleo believed everything. And now she trusts me completely. Your payment will be forthcoming."- Khepra to RK and Vlurf in "Ladies Night"
  • "We have the UTA Tablet, there's no more reason to wait."- Khepra talks to Octavian at the end of "Cleo & Zaid"

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