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Lilimar Hernandez Ruiz is a U.S. voice actress, actress, model, and dancer born in Margarita Island, Venezuela to two Cuban parents. She moved to Miami with her family when she was six years old, and began taking acting classes at the age of nine. She is the voice of Cleopatra in the Cleopatra in Space TV series. Apart from that role, she also sung the opening theme song of the series, "Written in the Stars", the first time she has sung a theme song for a show. At age six, she moved to Miami and began studying modeling at John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. Six years later, she was chosen by Univision to play various characters for their "Humor with the Kids" section in a popular variety show called Sabado Gigante. She also hosted the radio show Pangea Kids in 2013, played the role of "Sophie" in the show Bella and the Bulldogs, while also playing "Isabella" in Life After First Failure, and "Sage" in Knight Squad. She is also scheduled to make an appearance in the upcoming Netflix film Hubie Halloween. Additionally, she voiced characters in Spirit Riding Free, School of Rock, Life After First Failure, and many others. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her mother, Mayte, and grandmother.

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  • Due to her Cuban parentage, she considers herself "100% Cuban" although she was born in Venezuela
  • She has heterochromia, with her left eye being brown and her right eye being green/hazel.
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