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"Mihos"[2] is the first episode in Season Two of the Cleopatra in Space TV series.

Official Synopsis

Cleo encounters an adorable alien creature and brings him home, along with his eggs.[2]




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Cleopatra flashes back to her fight with Octavian in the previous episode where she uses her special pink power. She is awoken by Doctor Queed, who tells her that she fell asleep while he was talking about his slug-hunting safari. She is able to convince him to leave quarantine, saying she can leave if she promises to "take it slow," advice she immediately disregards.

She then speeds on her Sphinx Bike through campus, waving to students, like Dennis, and attempts to get to the last part of Zaid's trial in front of the Cat Council in Mayet City before it is too late. Before the council, Zaid is charged with high treason but is given a reprieve by Khepra, and the council, because he only acted to save the lives of his parents, Dahab and Askari. As such, he is expelled from the Academy.

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After the decision, Cleo catches up with Zaid, with his parents thanking Cleo for all she has done to help them. Zaid says he will see her in the future, and both have a romantic moment as he walks away into the distance. She is interrupted by Brian and Akila but continues her moment while they wait impatiently. Brian then plays a video of Khepra's announcement saying that the council entrusts her to lead a special mission to find the UTA Tablet. Cleo is overjoyed to hear the news, then talks with Akila and Cleo on how to proceed.

Brian brings Akila and Cleo to his laboratory, with Khensu joining them, explaining how he traced the energy signature of the ATA Tablet while Cleo was on Octavian's ship and reasons that the UTA Tablet has the same signature. Khensu says Brian's theory is worth testing and says that Brian, Akila, and Cleo will go to each of the locations and look for the tablet, while tasking Cleo, as mission leader, to use her best judgment and keep him informed. Before they are ready to leave, Brian unveils his "portable suspension blaster" which can freeze creatures in suspended animation. The blaster is actually very heavy, hard to move, and not portable.

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Cleo and her team first land on the planet Kiniun in their ship. They walk across the dangerous surface of the planet, with caves, pools, and geysers, while Brian determines that the signature of the UTA Tablet can't be heard on the planet. Cleo hears an alien crying out, and runs into a cave, with Brian and Akila following behind her. A low growl can be heard behind them at one point and the shadow of a creature. Brian and Akila catch Cleo before she falls off a cliff in the cave, and they continue to travel throughout the cave. Cleo then sees what she calls the cutest creature and walks toward it, speaking to it in baby talk. Brian tells Cleo that the creature isn't scared of her, but of the approaching mole-crabs. She tells Brian and Akila to create a diversion while she rescues "the little guy."

After Cleo leaves, Brian and Akila have a moment, with Akila suggesting they kiss, while Brian said they should dance, which Akila agrees with and walks away awkwardly, while still embarrassed. Brian and Akila proceed to dance together in front of the mole-crabs. They then run away in terror from the approaching creatures, while Cleo speaks loving gibberish to the creature she calls the "little guy." She grabs the eggs and runs away from the mole-crabs while Brian uses his robotic arm to grab Akila and move them to a cliff so both are safe from the mole-crabs. The creatures chase them through the cave, following them until they go outside of the cave. Catching their breath, all three make their way to the ship, then leave the planet.

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While on the ship, Brian questions Cleo rescuing the creature, while she defends him. The creature points in a distressed tone toward the eggs, which Cleo says she will "defend with her life," leading to immediate criticism from Brian. Akila also remains unsure whether the critter is trustworthy, citing that they have been tricked by Zaid in the past. Cleo gives three reasons they should trust the creature. he is "too cute" to be evil, he can't talk, and that she has named him Mihos. Brian reminds her to tell Khensu about it and she pushes it off, saying she will in a sarcastic manner. When Khensu contacts her about a mission report, she says that the UTA was not found on Kiniun and says she has "nothing else" to report. She asks Khensu how it is going and he says firmly that she will see him back at the Academy. Akila reminds Cleo that she forgot to tell Khensu about Mihos and the eggs, which she defends, saying Khensu doesn't have to know because he would "blow it up into some huge deal." Instead, she wants them to handle it themselves.

Cleo, back in the room at the Academy she shares with Akila, tells Mihos to take a nap even though the box with the eggs begins to shake. She kisses him on the head and acts lovingly toward him before she leaves the room and goes to class. Mihos chirrups and looks at the box with terror. The inside of the box is shown, with all of the eggs cracking. Cleo returns to her room, and Mihos jumps in her face. She looks around to see the room destroyed, and wonders what happened. Afterward she travels to Brian's laboratory to have a brainstorm with Akila and Brian, to come up with a course of action. Brian suggests a neural translation device that would allow Mihos to explain what happens, but rejects this when considering the mean things that Mihos would say about him. They all examine the egg as it is opening, then see it is a baby mole-crab. Cleo then quickly covers the baby mole-crab with a box and comes to the conclusion that there are six other baby mole-crabs going around the Academy, which Mihos confirms.

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Despite Akila's urging, Cleo refuses to tell Khensu what is happening, so they decide to solve the problem themselves. They find the first mole-crab near Dennis, the second chasing E'Geke-Ek'Gek, and they find another in an area which is seemingly part of the school library. Brian explains that the mole-crabs are getting bigger by the minute due to "accelerated puberty," and when asked by Akila what can trap the mole-crabs, he says it is a job for his "portal suspension blaster." The next scene shows them struggling while pushing the blaster down the hallway, and a montage which shows Cleo warding off the mole-crabs with her electro-staff. Brian warns that the crabs are getting too big for the blaster, while Cleo remains confident that all the crabs are captured, she is reminded there were seven, not six mole-crabs.

The last crab is inside Brian's laboratory, making a mess of it, while it chases Mihos. They bring the suspension blaster inside and fire it at the crab, but this is unsuccessful. The crab then gets near Brian's limited Mistress Punchfire figurines and ends up destroying them, distressing Brian, despite Akila trying to console him over it. Khensu comes at the door and Cleo tries to tell him to leave, but he remains skeptical. The crab destroys Brian's comic books and busts out the wall and into the rest of the academy. Khensu proceeds to yell at Cleo, who apologizes to him for not informing him about bringing back the eggs and Mihos to the Academy. He explains how in the past he made a similar mistake with snot weasel eggs, while the mole-crab chases people on the levels below. Khensu is entranced by Mihos but then says that pets aren't allowed at the Academy, and Cleo defends Mihos being there. Brian ends the tense moment by saying they need to save the school, and Akila asks how they do it, with Khensu saying he had no idea but knows someone who can help them.

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The next scene shows all four of them inside Doctor Queed's laboratory. He declares that with his "uncanny scientific brilliance" he has created something that he used on his slug-hunting safaris, a portable, very heavy, high-tech live trap. Cleo then wonders if anyone in the future knows what portable means. After this, Cleo, Akila, and Brian push the live trap outside into a courtyard, with Queed explaining that the trap is loaded with bait, with the trap scanning the bait, then sends out a signal to lure in the prey. Cleo volunteers to go inside the trap, saying that mole-crabs are only attracted to live prey, while Khensu warns against it, as does Akila and Brian. Mihos then bites Cleo on the foot and pushes her to the ground, then jumps inside the trap to sacrifice himself as bait for the mole-crab. Cleo laments that Mihos is her best friend, even though they just met, disappointing Akila, who thought she was Cleo's best friend. They watch as Mihos tries to escape, then the trap closes, with him and the mole crab inside, Cleo says that Mihos was a brave creature, while Akila tries to console her, as does Brian.

They then hear the sound of Mihos, who escaped the trap and knocks the mole crab back inside. Cleo is happy to see Mihos, as is Brian, while Akila is not as enthusiastic about it. She then pleads with Khensu that she doesn't have to bring Mihos back to Kiniun, with Queed adding that Mihos is not native to Kiniun but is a lost pet, which causes him to cry and throw Khensu about in his sadness. Khensu breaks away from Queed's grip and agrees to let Cleo keep Mihos. Even so, Mihos is annoyed when Khensu touches him and growls at him, with Mihos saying he will respect the personal boundaries of Mihos. Brian adds that Mihos hates him as well. Khensu asks Cleo if Mihos is house trained, then she, Akila, and Brian look in horror, followed by him peeing on Khensu. The final shot of the episode shows the Academy, while Khensu calls out Cleo's name.

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  • The dream Cleo has at the beginning of this episode marks the fourth time in the series Cleo has used her pink powers. The other times were in the episodes "Clubbing," "Teamwork," and "Rescue!"
  • This episode serves as the first time Cleo has led her own mission, although in past episodes she led warriors against the Xerxs in "Humility," spearheaded the diplomatic effort when disguised as Yosira in "My Pharaoh Lady," and led the group to rescue Zaid's parents, Khensu, and Akila in "Rescue!" to give a few examples of her past leadership.


  • The trial of Zaid in the previous episode, "Rescue!" with Khepra announcing the sentence.
  • The UTA Tablet, first shown in "Wednesday" and again in "Rescue!" reappears in this episode
  • Brian's mention of a "neural translation device" is a reference to the first episode "Wednesday."