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The Nile Galaxy is 30,000 years in the future from Cleo's homeland of Ancient Egypt on Earth. It is the setting for all of the episodes in the series once Cleo has been transported to the future from the unnamed tomb.


The location consists of various planetary systems which have not been destroyed by Octavian. Half of it is reportedly controlled by the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. council. In the episode, "Wednesday," Khensu states that it is Cleo's mission to save the galaxy from the reign of Octavian, saying that billions of people live within it.



In the episode "Wednesday" it is revealed that Octavian destroyed various planets and enslaved many under his rule. In later episodes, like "Surprise," it is shown that Octavian conducted a "blight" which destroyed much of the recorded knowledge, setting people back years. Beyond that, nothing else is known about the past of this galaxy.

Locations within the galaxy



  • The Nile Galaxy is named after the Nile River, which runs through Egypt
  • All or part of galaxy may be modeled after Ancient Egypt.