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Soon we will meet for real, Cleopatra. And I promise you the next time, it won't be so easy. Bye!
— Octavian to Cleo in the episode "Team Building"

Octavian is the main antagonist of Cleopatra in Space TV Series. He is a self-proclaimed Emperor who seeks to usurp control of the Nile Galaxy from Pharaoh Yosira, whose military force P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. is dedicated to fighting against him. He also seeks to capture Cleopatra and use her visplication ability to activate the ATA Tablet, which will give him enough power to conquer the galaxy. His conquest of the galaxy began with an event known as the Blight, which resulted in him destroying thousands of centuries of the galaxy's shared knowledge of science and history, which threw the entire galaxy into chaos. Recovering portions of this lost knowledge has therefore also become an objective of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. Throughout his conquest, Octavian has both conquered and destroyed other planets, and has presumably killed or enslaved thousands of people. One of his conquered planets includes Vevoson, the home planet of Akila.

Octavian commands a legion of robotic footsoldiers called Xerxes, and his additional agents include Zedge (when mind-controlled), Assecula, and Zaid (until the end of the episode "Double"). His true identity is Cleo's friend from Ancient Egypt, Gozi, which is revealed in the season 3 finale, "Pyramid Scheme."


Octavian is ruthless and determined to get his way by any means necessary. He has no qualms with using tactics such as mind-controlling or taking hostages (except for that one time when he held Zaid's parents hostage forcing him to spy on P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.) to get what he wants. However, in spite it all, Octavian states that he does not see himself as a villain, and that his primary goal for galactic conquest is to rid people of their freedom as an extreme and twisted way of bringing peace to the galaxy.

Octavian is in possession of the ATA Tablet, which he needs Cleo to activate in order to grant him ultimate power. He has also committed himself to searching the galaxy for its counterpart, the UTA Tablet, as having both of them together would grant him the power instantly without needing Cleo to activate them.

Though his demeanor is generally serious and sinister, he is shown to have a habit of cracking jokes. He likes to evilly laugh, though occasionally it takes him a few tries to get it right. He also likes to do it alone, as he got angry when Assecula attempted to do it with him in "Double."


Octavian is a figure of very tall height, being one of the tallest characters in the show. He has red eyes. Instead of having legs to walk, he has tentacles. He changed from his original form when the Sword of Kebechet made him immortal and powerful, changing his body dramatically.


Octavian wears a blue helmet with black stripes around it, an armor which covers his entire upper body and both his arms and hands and a fancy white dress robe. He also wears a blue cape. He never wears another outfit.



Cleo about to absorb energy

Cleo about to absorb energy in "Rescue"

Due to knowing that Cleo is the prophesied savior of the galaxy who will put an end to his reign, Octavian acknowledges her as a threat. He appears to want her dead, though as an alternative, he wants her alive to activate the ATA Tablet and grant him ultimate power. Octavian has made multiple attempts to kill or capture Cleo while she has been enrolled at the Academy, notably in "Wednesday", "Surprise", "Team Building", "Suspicion", "Double", and "Cyrano." In return, however, Cleo has only ever displayed fearlessness and defiance each time she has come face-to-face with him, usually openly mocking him to his face. After Cleo uses her visplication ability to absorb his command ship's power and destory it, Octavian concedes that she is really is "awesome." In contrast, however, following the destruction of Xerx Works, Octavian was enraged and swore vengeance against her.


Octavian evidently does not consider Akila as much of a threat, referring to her as "some rando" when they met in "XerxWorks." Akila was offended by this and insisted that she was important, which Octavian dismissively replies by encouraging her to continuing to tell herself that.


Zedge talks to Octavian

Zedge communicates with him in "Suspicion"

Being Cleo's second best friend and a student at the Academy, Octavian views Brian as an enemy. When confronting Octavian in person for the first time along with Cleo, Akila and Khensu in "Team Building", Brian was shown to be very scared of him. In their encounter at "XerxWorks", Octavian calls him the most "sophisticated cyborg he has ever seen", which Brian, despite himself, appreciates.


In "Double", Zaid is revealed to have been Octavian's spy at the Academy. However, it is also revealed that Zaid strongly hates and despises Octavian, and has only been serving as his spy because he held his parents hostage.


Being the mentor and a good friend of Cleo, Octavian views Khensu as an enemy.


Octavian has been granted immortality by the Sword of Kebechet, which has allowed him to live for over 30,000 years, as well as survive the explosions of both his ship and the XerxWorks space station in the episodes "Rescue" and "XerxWorks," respectively. During his first fight with Cleopatra and her friends in "Team Building", however, he has shown that he can use his tentacles as melee weapons. They are strong enough to easily knock away or aside individuals like Cleo or Brian or restrain them with ease.

As ruler of the Xerx, Octavian commands a vast fleet as well as vast legions of Xerx robots who do his bidding. He also has a group of hired mercenaries under the command of Urteko, who act as enforcers.


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Selected Quotes[]

  • "Really? [laughs] This is going to be even more fun than I thought!"- Declares in the episode "Wednesday" about the threat of Cleo
  • "The name is Octavian. Emperor Octavian."- Introduces himself in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Hello Cleopatra... And goodbye."- Before having his Xerxes fire their TNT cannons at Cleo, Akila, and Brian in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Cleopatra, come out, come out, whatever you are."- Sings in the episode "Team Building"
  • "Poor little Cleo. Come all this way only to have it end here."-  Goads Cleo in the episode "Team Building"
  • "I don't think you're going to be able to avoid this one."- Talks to Cleo in the episode "Team Building"
  • "I am not concerned with the robbats. They were merely a diversion. During their attack, our spy at the Academy was sent a Dittobot."- Talks to Assecula in "Double"
  • "The DittoBot will impersonate someone Cleopatra knows. Once he has her trust, he will kidnap her and bring her straight to me."- Explains the importance of the DittoBot in "Double" in carrying out his evil plan
  • "I know everything about you. Everything. Cleopatra, I'm 30,000 years old."- Tells Cleo, after
    capturing her and bringing her to his ship, in "Rescue", admitting he has been around a long time, claiming that "nothing" can destroy him
  • "I'm not a villain. I know I look like one, I'm so evil looking. This cape, total evil guy cape. My goal is to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy. And the only thing people have to give up is their freedom."- Declares to Cleo in "Rescue!"
  • "Cleopatra, wakie, wakie!"- Holds the Sword of Kebechet and walks toward Cleo and her friends in "Xerxs Works"
  • "You're going to regret this, Cleopatra, I promise you that."- Says just before the Xerxes factory explodes in "Xerxs Works"
  • "Cleopatra! There is nowhere you are safe from me."- Bold declaration at the end of "Xerxs Works"

Episode appearances[]



  • Based off Gozi (Xaius Octavian) in the comic book series of the same name.
  • Appearance looks like an Egyptian pharaoh
  • In Egyptian history, Cleopatra sided with a person named Octavian, the heir and grandnephew of Caesar, among others, but he later engaged in a war of propaganda, later declaring war on Cleopatra, with his forces invading Egypt, with ultimately when Cleopatra learned that Octavian wanted to capture her, she killed herself by poisoning.
  • In Rescue! it shown that Octavian is 30,000 years old when Cleo was born.
  • Showed that Octavian is Gozi, after holding the sword too long. It showed some effect to Yosira when she held it in XerxsWork.
  • His character may be a reference to the Octavian in the 1970 animated Japanese adult animated fantasy film, Cleopatra, where Octavian is gay and attracted to Ionius, sparing his life.