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"Paradise Found"[2] is the third episode in Season Two of the Cleopatra in Space TV series.

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After spending too much time together, the team splits up on an unknown planet.[2]




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Cleopatra gives a "captain's log" as she explains her annoyance with traveling with Khensu, Brian, and Akila across the Nile Galaxy searching for the UTA Tablet at the end of a week-long mission. Akila tries to come in to comfort her, after saying that while they have visited 14 planets, they will find it on the next planet for sure. Khensu and Brian tell her to shut up, while Cleo declares that they will never find it, and will be searching for it forever and ever. Cleo then says, in a voiceover, that Akila has become way too perky, that Brian is obsessed with Mistress Punchfire comic, and that Khensu is obsessed with a "weird alien soap opera." In the meantime, all of them argue with each other, while Mihos watches the soap opera with Mihos. Cleo concludes that she is the only one who "isn't super irritating," and proceeds to damage the ship as she practices with her Plasma staff, terrifying Brian, Akila, and Khensu.

Soon, they approach planet Denebola-6 and prepare to land on the surface. Brian reports that there is one diffused lifeform on the surface and she declares she is landing angry, leading them to crash into the planet's surface. Once on the surface, Akila declares that the planet is beautiful even though a desolate landscape is before them. Brian tries the different camouflage modes on the ship and none of them work, admitting that the ship only transforms into different versions of plaid. Fed-up with everyone, Cleo loses her cool and declares they should search for the UTA Tablet on the planet's surface on their own. Even though Akila asks if this would be safe, Cleo says they are driving "each other crazy." When Khensu points out they would be violating protocol, Cleo declares that they are no longer a team. Not long thereafter, Khensu and Brian depart, leaving Akila deflated and depressed by what has happened.

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Brian enters a cave, scanning it with his cyborg body, and comes upon a hidden work station. He meets Granda Ybarra, a brown-skinned woman with a robotic leg, who he calls "history's greatest genius." He remains confused because she disappeared thousands of years before, and she responds that she vanished "into the future," blowing his mind. She claims she invented time travel but became stranded on the planet. Brian says that Ybarra is his hero, and when asking if he knows her work, says that her book on n-dimensional toroidal hypercube vertices got him through "rough times" as a kid. Ybarra proposes that he help her with her research and he happily agrees. Meanwhile, Khensu walks across the planet's surface and chases a grasshopper until he comes across a small dwelling. Inside is Lavitza, his ex-girlfriend. Both go running toward each other and embrace one another. Lavitza smacks Khensu and later declares that she never stopped loving him. As for Akila, she travels on another part of the planet and calls out to the UTA Tablet, until she comes across the valley of the barbecuticorns. These creatures ask her for a barbecue and to ride them. Akila embraces this and has fun riding the creatures. Meanwhile, Cleo mutters and climbs a hill, coming across somewhere which looks like her palace back in Ancient Egypt. She sees her Dad there, happily embracing him, followed by meeting Gozi. Mihos growls, having a sense that something is wrong. Cleo explains what she has been doing with her life up to that point and Mihos continues to growl.

At the same time, Khensu and Lavitza touch their noses. Khensu says he can't wait to introduce her to his friends and she jealously smacks him, asking him who Cleo is. After he declares it is more like a soap opera than reality, she declares that he can find the UTA Tablet by doing math puzzles, which excites him. Brian is having fun working wit Ybarra but admits he is supposed to be helping find the tablet, with Ybarra telling him to stay. She suddenly transforms into Mistress Punchfire while Brian becomes Duke Smashburns, declaring it is a "dream come true." Akila eats meat in the valley of the barbecuticorns and asks how it can be real, and later says she needs to get back to her friends. As soon as she says that, one of the creatures comes up with an excuse for her to stay, that she had to fight off the Pegasquids. The scene changes and Akila pulls a flame sword out of a rock in order to fight off the beasts. Cleo goes on to explain about her time in the future to her dad and Gozi, but they aren't listening. Gozi and her dad whisper to each other, saying that Gozi has a crush on Cleo, but that Cleo doesn't realize it. Cleo realizes they aren't real and it depresses her, saying that this is what she "hate[s] about the future," saying she wants to believe in it, but says it should be more plausible. The creatures then change into a Xerxes and Octavian, which she fights off handily.


Suddenly, Brian, Akila, and Khensu appear, declaring they have found the UTA Tablet which is guarded by Pegasquids. As they leave, they come across the UTA Tablet, as all of them fight off the monsters with flame swords, climbing a set of steps to the top. Akila, Brian, and Khensu congratulate Cleo on getting the tablet, with Cleo realizing that something is making her dreams come true. Akila's voice begins coming out of Khensu, and then Brian's voice, with someone saying that they are running too many characters at once and there is an overload. Terrified, Cleo is able to escape the rock creatures, even as she is confused about what is happening. Meanwhile, Brian keeps fighting with Mistress Punchfire. Cleo warns him that she isn't real and he says that he realizes that, but asks if he can pretend for a little longer. Cleo grabs him and they run away, as all the beings turn into rock creatures of some kind. Khensu, on the other hand, is happily solving math puzzles with Lavitza, then Cleo and Brian come running in, telling him that she isn't real. She grabs him and he sees her, horrifyingly, turn into a rock monster. In the distance, Akila fights imaginary monsters and is having the time of her life. Khensu warns her that none of it is real, but she doesn't care and wants to fight anyway. She is into it until the monsters surround Brian and she demands they keep away from him.

Cleo hugs Akila and Brian, saying she missed them, with Akila admitting they found her annoying. The rock monsters surround them, and Cleo realizes it looks like they are made out of the landscape. Cleo figures out that all the rock monsters are Denebola-6. All the monsters turn into one monster which calls itself "Debbie." She says she thought it was obvious the whole planet was her, and that they are standing on her face. She admits that she read their minds to create people and scenarios, and are made of megamorphic rock, which allows them to change. After Debbie points out about Cleo's "weird elbows," she gets concerned until Akila jumps in and asks why Debbie did all this, and she says that she "just wanted to play" since she is always lonely. Debbie says they have stay there forever, Cleo says they have to leave, and Debbie gets angry, trapping them in rock. Cleo has an idea, stating that she will never be alone, because she will be a new student at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.! She becomes fast friends with Omnia, greeting Cheval, Callie, and other students. As Omnia and Debbie go across the campus, Cleo turns back to Brian, Akila, and Khensu, saying that they never should have split up, with all of them reflecting how they are a great team together. After she hugs them, she demands to know from everyone what is "wrong" with her elbows, and wants an answer as they walk into the distance toward Mayet City.

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  • This is the first episode which features narration, with Cleo narrating a bit of the beginning of the episode
  • This episode lampoons the opening of the original Star Trek series where the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise says, "Space, the Final Frontier" and the captain's logs by James T. Kirk in every episode of the original series with Cleo's narration at the beginning
  • The episode may be a lampoon of the Star Trek episode, "Shore Leave."
  • We find out that Khensu likes weird soap operas.
  • When Brian is fanboying over his Mistress Punchfire comic, Cleo angrily says to him, "If you had an off switch, I'd hit it!" Brian, in fact, does have an shutdown switch located on the back of his neck, and Cleo learned about it in the previous episode, "Cyrano."
  • Akila's interactions with the unicorn-like creatures may be a reference to the My Little Pony franchise, which a number of the show's crew worked on.
  • When Akila pulls a "sword" out of the "rock" and holds it in the air, this is undoubtedly a reference to the King Arthur legend where he gets the sword Excalibur out of a stone.
  • Debbie may be a reference to Ego the Living Planet from Marvel Comics.