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I thought you were a cool mentor but you're just like all the rest of them, boring!
— Philo to Cleo in "Mentor," calling her boring, angering her greatly

Philo is a student at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. that Cleo is tasked with mentoring by Khensu to move onto "Level 2" missions. As a result of this mission, Khensu says Cleo passed the mentorship test and is a "true leader," now on Level 2. His current age is not known, but he is obviously younger than Cleo, perhaps by many years.


Philo wears a green uniform with a gold best, grey on the shoulders, gold near the neck, upper arms, and wrists. He also wears black pants and green boots. Has a maroon mohawk.


A young punky student, he doesn't listen to anyone but himself, is impulsive, annoying, and foolheartedy, even tough for someone like Cleo to handle, despite her similar nature. This is why she calls out his attitude and says he is a bit of a handful, the same thing his last nine mentors said, plus the five in comas, acting in what he calls the "Philo style." She even asks herself if there is anyone he doesn't annoy.

Philo is generally chill about almost everything, wanting people to chillax and talks about love, and "touching things" (and generally messing around). He can be terrified when things go wrong, however, as he is immature.

After annoying the dragon on Hapus, he ultimately respects Cleo, especially after she doesn't follow protocol when she deactivates it through her skills in "Cleo style."

Selected quotes

  • "Yeah, whatevs, Philo's got this! Nailed it!"- Philo after the quesar star doesn't hit the target
  • "Around 20 [mentors], if you count the seven still in comas...Got you so good! Five were in comas."- A comment which shocks Cleo and scares her
  • "More like what's wrong with you. Oh, I know, you're"- Philo calling Cleo boring
  • "Need to be more like philo-style and chillax"- Philo to Cleo, trying to stay calm.
  • "This just got legit dangerous. Cool!"- Philo when they are inside the temple on the planet Nakta.
  • "Wahh! Look at me, I'm a dumb rock dragon. I super tiny army-warmies."- Philo to the rock dragon
  • "Too fast for you, rockhead. Wah! I'm so dumb I don't even know there's someone on my neck."- Philo to the rock dragon, inadvertently almost injuring Cleo
  • "I'm done mopping the ship, totally done, Philo-style"- Philo after he, Khensu, and Cleo return from the planet in their spaceship

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  • Philo of Alexandria, also known as Philo Judaeus was a Hellenistic Jewish Philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, then a Roman Province.