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Queen of the Nile is the sixth and final book in the Cleopatra in Space series. It will be released on August 4th, 2020.


The book is very popular and awesome. The conclusion to Mike Maihack's thrilling graphic novel series starring a young Cleopatra and her adventures in space!

The time has come for Cleo to fulfill the ancient prophecy that declares her a savior and a hero, a prophecy she still struggles to accept. Cleo is joined by old and new friends as they fight to defend the galaxy she's come to call home against the evil Xaius Octavian. The Queen of the Nile must summon the strength to face down her enemy one last time, and keep her friends -- and herself -- alive.


Cleopatra and many other cadets are on Cada'duun in the hopes of stopping Octavian from being able to use the Golden Lion as a weapon. They succeed because of Cleo's power, but they lose some people as well, and a lot of people are left without homes.

Khensu, Akila, and Brian attempt to cheer Cleo up about the whole situation, and Brian gifts Cleo a new crown with special abilities, including the power to turn invisible.

The refugees from Mayet and Cada'duun land on Thonis, a planet protected from detection, and continue to live their lives. Cleo is seen as a savior in the eyes of many of the people there. Meanwhile, Octavian tortures Admiral Hasilrig into giving him the location of the cloaked planet.

Once this happens Octavian heads Thonis, meanwhile Antony lands on Thonis with the orphanage, to make their way there they had to steal a cheetah cell from a band of pirates, during the encounter Antony was stabbed. After recovering, he presents them with the original book of Egyptology written by Bakari, in which an inscription in hieroglyphs is written. No one but Cleopatra is able to read this language. She begins reading it out loud, and she, Brian, and Antony are transported to Duat, a planet in an alternate plane of time. While there they meet Thoth and he shows Cleo that she is not destined to die, Yosira is because she is her descendant. Cleo does not want to let Yosira die so she takes her, Antony, and Brain back to Ferian and there they battle Octavian. Cleo defeats him with the Sword of Kebechet and then defeats Anubis with the help of Yosira and another descendant of hers. By doing that she was transported back to Egypt and everyone thought she was dead until Khensu saw her name in one of his books. He saw another picture in that book of Cleo and Antony married together, so he sent him and Antony back to Egypt around the same time that she arrives. Together they stop the people from attacking and restore peace in Egypt.


  • The first images for the book were announced on Twitter.
  • Mike Maihack announced over Twitter that the book would be set in a jungle.