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Ryan Lofty[2] is the music composer for the Cleopatra in Space TV series, along with Jay Vincent. He also provided live instrumentation, as did Danny Shamoun. Musical from a young age, he has been part of the music business for many years, starting as a composer at the creative campus of Disney after college and later performing with various music groups like Bestfriends. In 2015, he debuted his own solo album and in 2016 he released an eight-track album titled Tourists from the Future. He began collaborating with Jay Vincent in 2018, beginning to write songs and electronic music for Harvey Street Kids, then again in Fast & Furious: Spy Racers in 2019. He also co-founded a publishing house called Future Vega, working with his wife, Courtney, a score production manager for the show. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

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  2. This is his stage name. His real name is Ryan Loftsgaarden.