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The school library is located on the planet Mayet within P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. In the episode "Clubbing," Cleo learns that the Academy's library has an Ancient Egypt section, so she visits there with Khensu, Akila, and Brian. Distressed by what she sees, Cleo glows pink and sucks in all the power from the whole P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. complex into her body, causing a power outage. Since that episode, the library has made a few reappearances in the show. In the episode DittoBot, Akila makes a quip about the library when entering The arcade with Khensu and Brian, saying that “you’ll find the cool students hang out in the library," something which Khensu scoffs at. It may be connected to the Savior Institute.


The library contains the stored knowledge which was not destroyed by Octavian in his quest to take control of all recorded knowledge. It includes a small and unique Ancient Egypt section which includes a few artifacts from Cleo's time, mostly available through holograms, and one piece of parchment that mentions her by name, although it is vague. Khensu, since he has access to the library, may be part of the library staff and/or acts as a docent from time to time, part of the library's special collections. Akila seems to spend her time studying there, as shown in in "Akila Says No," with books moved across on floating carts, while students pick out glowing materials for their studies. The area Akila studies in is a quiet environment, although there may be other areas which are open for talking. The library may have reappeared in "My Best Friend Mihos".