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The Sphinx Anti-Gravity Bike is Cleo's main form of transportation, which was created by Brian as a present in the show's second episode, saying it combines elements of the past and future. Cleo immediately loves it and speeds off into the distance with it despite a warning from Khensu. The bike has colors resembling those of her homeland in Ancient Egypt. It has since made many appearances, with Cleo even using it to rescue her school rival and stereotypical mean girl, Callie in the episode, Suspicion. It is revealed, in that episode, that the bike has laser cannons. In another episode, Akila goes to the cheapest fuel station in the galaxy to fill up the bike, indicating that it needs gasoline of some type to function.

The bike also makes an appearance at the opening of every episode, coupled with the series theme song, "Written in the Stars".

Concept art

This art was done by Pakin Liptawat.


  1. In a comment about this, Pakin said: "So here we have the Sphinx Bike prop for Cleopatra in Space. We started with Mike Maihacks basic design from his graphic novel but adapted it for the show. The final design is close to the one on the top left. Figuring out the Hood/windshield was probably the trickiest part."