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The Sword of Kebechet is a mystical weapon that grants the user immortality as shown in the book "Secret of the Time Tablets" where Octavian reveals that it kept him alive if not in pristine condition. It is also first picked up by Gozi in the first episode of the animated series, "Wednesday" and makes a reappearance in the episode "Xerxs Works" where Octavian uses it against Cleo.

In the books, the sword was originally a gift from the Egyptian god Anubis to his daughter Kebechet, in the hopes that she could use it to protect herself from people who might take advantage of her. However, when Kebechet allowed herself to fall in love with a prince who ended up killing her, the sword was lost.

The Sword of Kebechet is cursed, which results in the owner becoming immortal, but becoming an evil, possessed version of themselves.

The sword, wielded by Cleopatra briefly at the end of Queen of the Nile, is what ultimately killed Octavian, which he was grateful for.


  • Although it is called a sword, this weapon is actually a Khopesh, "an Egyptian sickle-sword that evolved from battle axes."