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"Wednesday" is the first episode in Season One of the Cleopatra in Space TV series, as well as the opening episode of the show.

Official Synopsis

Just before her 15th birthday, Princess Cleopatra is zapped 30,000 years into the future where she discovers that she is the prophesied savior of the galaxy.[2]




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Title in other languages

  • Danish: Onsdag
  • Finnish: Keskiviikko
  • Korean: 이상한 수요일
  • Norwegian: Onsdag
  • Polish: Środa[1]
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Quarta-feira
  • Swedish: Onsdag


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  • This episode sets the stage for all those to follow, as Cleo is transported to the future, fulfilling her destiny.
  • The Xerxs shout at Cleo "Draktu" and "Draktu gerroda." While the first word is gibberish, the second is Basque Spanish for "Dractical warfare" possibly meaning dramatic/practical warfare. The same can be said what Akila shouts two times: "Ern vui ek!"
  • According to Laur Uy, the sequence where Cleo is running from laser blasts was "the first ever shot" she revised for the show back in December 2018, and her "supervising director on my show[,] Fitzy[,] boarded this amazing action sequence" and she learned "lot from her while working on it."
  • This episode is a reference to Samurai Jack where both characters are trapped in the future and trying to get back to the past.