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This article is about Octavian. You may be looking for his TV counterpart.

Xaius Octavian, formerly known as Gozi, was once Cleopatra's best friend. After possession of the Sword of Kebechet, he acquired immortality, but at the cost of seeing his loved ones pass away. He is the main antagonist of the book series.


Early Life

Gozi was a normal Egyptian, and friends with Cleopatra. One day, while playing slingshots with her, Cleopatra hit a pillar and made an avalanche. They discovered a strange door and went inside. While Gozi examined the Sword, Cleopatra discovered the UTA tablet, and went missing into time. Gozi got bitten by a snake, and was cursed. Bakari and Gozi were blamed for Cleo's disappearance and thrown into jail. Gozi claimed that Cleo was no longer his friend. Space pirates attacked Egypt, leaving Gozi as a servant to them. When the space pirates were attacked, Bakari told Gozi that Cleo was alive. Gozi felt betrayed by Cleo, so he told him he was "done with this life". That destroyed the lower half of Gozi, causing him to land on a planet with black people with tentacles. He became one of them and fought in the war. He had many children and wives but soon they died. He realized that his curse had been causing this. He obeyed his master and started to gather Xerx, to create an army.

The Thief and the Sword

Octavian wanted the fake sword so he could lure Cleopatra into a trap. He hired Antony for the job. Antony stole the sword and gave it to Octavian. Octavian, however betrayed Antony, revealing that it was only a fake, So he escaped to Hykosis. Octavian followed Khensu's ship and caught them going to Hykosis.