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"XerxWorks"[2] is the sixth episode in Season Two of the Cleopatra in Space TV series.

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Cleo and Pharaoh Yosira butt heads over who's in charge of a mission to destroy a factory.[2]




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  • This is one of the only episodes in the series where Khensu plays a minor role, only appearing at the beginning of the episode
  • Yosira may also have magical powers, as her eyes light up green when she uses the sickle against Octavian
  • Cleo gets a taste of her own medicine, feeling unwanted like how Akila felt her parents treated her in "Vacation"
  • There is a Batman reference in a scene early in the episode with Brian, when he comes up with his new invention, specifically the classic Batman series.
  • When a Xerx is pushed off the ramp in the factory, it makes a scream reminiscent of the "wilhelm scream" used in Hollywood films.


  • This is the third episode Yosira appears in, with her first one as "Clubbing" and the second as "My Pharaoh Lady".
  • This is the second time we see Yosira's room, as its balcony is shown only briefly at the end of "My Pharaoh Lady."
  • The destruction of Xerxs Works means this episode marks the second major defeat for Octavian, with the first being the destruction of his flagship in "Rescue!" when Cleo manifested her pink power, which she says "almost killed her"; minor defeats for Octavian may be the disappearance of the Xerxs fortress on Bisu (in the episode "Humility"), the victory of diplomacy in "My Pharaoh Lady" (meaning more systems will join P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.) and the overall failure to kill or maim Cleo in the series up to this point.
  • The sword/sickle that Octavian uses may be the same one that Gozi picks up in the unnamed tomb in the show's first episode, "Wednesday," implying that Octavian may be Gozi or that he can time travel.
  • When Brian introduces his chet-fp, the screen display images of several characters from past episodes, including Zedge from "Suspicion," Gled from "Humility," and a pegasquid from "Paradise Found."