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Hello, Cleopatra. I've wanted to talk to you for a while now...I know who you are and where you come from...I'll be in contact again soon.
— Yosira talks with Cleo in the episode, "Akila Says No"

Yosira is the young Pharaoh of the Nile Galaxy, and the head of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. She represents the forces of good that are locked in a galactic power struggle against Octavian's empire, and she controls the parts of the galaxy that the latter has not yet conquered. She lives in large palace in the center of Mayet City. She was the only royal to survive Octavian's blight. She inspects the Academy once every year.


As the sole ruler of most of the galaxy, Yosira is highly intelligent and knows much about other alien races and cultures through years of studying about them. While on the surface she can seem very reserved and diplomatic, her true personality is rather a lot like Cleo's, and she has a longing for action and adventure.

Yosira is a kind and merciful Pharaoh, as shown in "My Pharaoh Lady" when she offers Chostipher the protection of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. even after he had attempted to kidnap her for Octavian. Despite mimicking Cleo's personality in many ways, even adopting her slang (such as "totes"), Yosira is also quite different in that she enjoys studying and lectures, and even gives herself homework. She also usually takes notes when learning new things from Cleo. She is not bothered if people do not address her with any honorifics, though she does occasionally indulge in the privilege of her authority, such as when she refused to allow Cleo a head start before taking her back to her room so that she could clean it.


Has royal robes which are reminiscent of Ancient Egypt, with a golden head covering and other ornate clothing showing her status as the pharaoh, like white robes. As shown in "My Pharaoh Lady" her black hair is tied up in a bun underneath her golden head covering. The same episode, she wears civilian clothes like a white tunic with blue pants, a brown belt, and white boots. She also, when in disguise, at the summit, wears the same clothes Cleo would wear if she was on a mission. She wears similar clothes to Cleo in "Xerxs Works" and wears clothes which look more plain and civilian.



Cleo tries to convince Yosira not to come back to her room with her.

She and Cleo first meet in the episode "Akila Says No," during which time she states that she knows who Cleo is and where she comes from. Cleo is wowed by her presence, remarking that she even smells like a princess. In the episode "My Pharaoh Lady," she says that she trusts Cleo to fill in for her and that she believes in her. She manages to convince Khensu to accept Cleo as her stand-in, coming to the summit at the Gentle Palms Space Station and Resort in disguise, agreeing to help Cleo with the "fine points of interplanetary diplomacy." It is there that Yosira expresses to Cleo her desire for adventure, and asks Cleo if she'll teach her some of her moves with a staff, which Cleo happily obliges. From then on, Cleo trains Yosira in combat on a seemingly regular basis. In the episode, "XerxWorks", after she surprises Cleo and her friends by offering to go on a mission with them, Cleo becomes annoyed by Yosira proving herself to be a seemingly more skilled and competent leader than she is. After they enter the space station known as Xerxs Works, Cleo yells at her, refusing to hear her ideas. Both later apologize to each other and make up, gaining respect for each other once again. It is also shown that Cleo is highly uncomfortable with Yosira seeing her messy dorm room, evidently because she does not want Yosira to know how much of a slob she is. Though Yosira refused to allow her a head start to clean it, Cleo still managed to enter the room first and quickly stuffed a whole bunch of garbage and dirty laundry into her closet just before Yosira entered.


Yosira is shown to be a remarkably fast learner, as she manages to demonstrate impressive skill with a staff after only mere minutes of instruction from Cleo, as shown in the episode "My Pharaoh Lady." However, she is somewhat less skilled at making battle puns. Her high intelligence also lends her the ability to come up with great ideas on the fly, and this is something that Cleo is seemingly envious of.

Yosira is also a skilled pilot, in "XerxWorks", she is able to avoid Xerxs detection by making a "series of 29 hair-pin turns, followed by one really loopy loop-de-loop" with their ship, all while keeping her eyes shut. She then engages the ship's camouflage system correctly, something even Brian has trouble with.

Selected quotes

  •  "Administrant Khepra filled me in, so I snuck away to see for myself. Twas kinda fun. I never really snuck anywhere before."- To Cleo about sneaking away in the episode "My Pharaoh Lady"
  • "I believe in you, Cleo. I also believe that if we are to triumph over the forces of evil, we must stand together, united."- To Cleo in the same episode, lines she later uses in her "audition"
  • "When you're the pharaoh, you don't get to do what you
    want very often. It might sound silly, but I want adventure."- Confides to Cleo
  • "Totes, awesome! I've never felt so alive!"- after Cleo teaches her some moves
  • "I know this is serious and all, but I am pumped!"- To Khensu, terrifying him
  • "Chostipher, I offer you P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.'s is the right thing to do. Where would we be if we all acted like Octavian? But if you ever step out of line again, I will really stick it to you."- Talks to Chostipher at the end of the episode, repeating some lines from Cleo
  • "It's curtains for you, villain! Because I'm holding curtains, you see."- Her bad fight puns in "Xerxs Works"
  • "I've been reading up on alien warfare theory and surprising myself a little with pop quizzes about the element of surprise."- Explains what she has been doing to Cleo in "Xerxs Works"
  • "We can't tell Khensu. Khensu will tell the council and I know how the council works. They'll want to send a huge force to Xerxs Works. Clearly it was built to withstand a massive attack."- Explains why they should attack the Xerxs factory with a small force in "Xerxs Works"
  • "I'm sorry if I overstepped, I just had an idea and I..."- Starts to apologize to Cleo in "Xerxs Works" before Cleo stops her.

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