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I can't believe I did all those things! Octavian was controlling me. I knew it was happening but I couldn't stop myself. I'm so sorry.
— Zedge being apologetic about what he did in the episode "Partners"

Zedge is reportedly the "biggest star" in the Nile Galaxy, part of the band Sonic Pother, and is mind-controlled by Octavian and to capture Cleo. Akila and Khensu are some of his biggest fans, with the latter making the prize that the team that completes their project for No Science Day will get to go on stage with him for a song.


He wears a dark blue jacket with spikes on the shoulders and wrists, light pink undershirt, striped black and white pants, and low maroon platform shoes. He also wears his guitar around his body with a purple strap, hanging it diagonal across his back. Also, his neon green hair covers his one eye. When mind-controlled, he wears a blue and yellow metal device on his neck, influencing his thoughts.


When mind-controlled by Octavian, he is energetic and sings a lot. After the mind control is lifted, he still has the same personality but is also apologetic about his behavior.



He is very loyal to him when mind controlled by him.


Akila's love of Zedge shown in the show's 15th episode

Before his arrival, she calls him the "galaxy's dreamiest dreamboat" which Cleo doesn't understand. She is his biggest fan and he flirts with her and she does as well. He also speaks Vevosian. Her heart is later broken as he just wants to capture Cleo, but she comes around to him again when he is released from his mind control thanks to Brian, who had been skeptical about him for much of the episode.


While he and Brian do not interact much, if at all, in his debut episode, in the 15th episode it is shown that Brian hates Zedge. It is implied he is angry at Akila for having a crush on him, describing Zedge as the person who "tried to kidnap Cleo." This is only partially correct as he actually kidnapped Callie, who was posing as Cleo, and then Cleo saved Callie, both of whom defeated Zedge, snapping him out of his mind control.

Episode appearances

Selected quotes

  • "What up, P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. Academy!"- Zedge's first words after entering the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. building
  • "Cleopatra, huh? I bet she's got nothing on you, pink eyes."- flirts with Akila
  • "I need to ask you you think I could meet your friend Cleopatra?"- Zedge shows his true intentions, breaking Akila's heart
  • "Alert Octavian that I'm closing in on the target."- Zedge speaks to his communicator
  • "Yes, Emperor Octavian. I'm sure I can handle Cleopatra. Zedge Out."- Zedge communicates with Octavian
  • "The real Cleopatra. Nice to finally meet you. Tonight you've got a date with Octavian!"- Zedge addresses Cleo on the forest on the planet Mayet



  • Zedge's voice actor, Lucas Grabeel, is best known for playing "Ryan Evans" in the High School Musical film series, while he has voiced characters in Family Guy and Pinky Malinky.